information about my collection


  In 1981 I started my collection FLORA. At this moment it
  contains about 16.000 stamps. Worldwide there are more than
  30.000 stamps with this topic. For the topic FAUNA there are
  even more stamps; about 60.000. Since the start
  of this collection in 1992 I got 30.000 of these.
  So for both topics still a long way to go.

  In the topic FLORA I take all stamps with the
  picture of vegetables, plants, trees, flowers, fruits, and
  mushrooms. The collection FAUNA contains stamps  
  with all kind of animals, like mammals, reptiles, 
  birds, fishes, amphibians, butterflies and other 
  insects, dinosaurs, shells and other molluscs. 

  The topic FLORA & FAUNA is very comprehensive.
  I take only  stamps in collection on which the
  plant or animal is recognizable.  Mostly the name
  is on the stamp or explained in a catalogue. With
  the Latin name, I divide the subjects into families,
  races and species, before putting the stamps in my albums. 
  Sometimes it is difficult to get a name of a plant or animal. At
  the right side you can click and see some pictures with stamps,
  from which I do not know the Latin name of
  the plant or animal. Maybe you know one or
  more of those names. Please inform me by
  email. Of course you can send me your
  questions or requests too. Maybe you are 
  also a collector of the topic FLORA or FAUNA
  with same experience. Exchanging knowledge
  could help us both.  
  So do not hesitate and send me an email.