Tekstvak:   BRIDGES are the symbol of making connections. That is what I
  like at bridges. End of 2009 I started a collection of BRIDGES on
  stamps. In my collection I take stamps on which the bridge is
  the main topic. 
  In every country you find bridges. So most countries have one
  or more stamps with bridges. Worldwide there will be about
  2500 stamps with such topic. At this moment my collection is
  about 1400 stamps.
Tekstvak:   In 2002 I also started my collection LIGHTHOUSES.
  Several countries issued stamps with
  a lighthouse as the main object. Some
  examples are prestented below. But
  there are also a lot of stamps on which
  the lighthouse only fills the background.
  My information is that there are worldwide about 1500 stamps
  with LIGHTHOUSES. My collection is about 800 stamps, so this
  is 55%.



information about these topics

  more information about my collection of these topics

  My country, the Netherlands,
  is famous for its MILLS.
  Here you see some examples
  on stamps. I already collected
  postcards with this topic. In
  2002 I started also to collect
  stamps with topic MILLS. 

  MILLS are not only present in
  the Netherlands, but also in
  other countries worldwide.
  In my collection I take stamps with several sorts of mills; 
  watermills and windmills. The windmills can be divided in the 
  authentic windmills and the modern mills to produce energy.

  I guess worldwide there are about 500 stamps with MILLS on
  it. From these I have 325 in collection at this moment.

Do you also collect stamps with one of the topics MILLS,

LIGHTHOUSES or BRIDGES ? Are you interested in stamp

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