stamps that I have for trading

Tekstvak:   TRADING STOCK; available stamps for trading

  At this moment I have about 20,000 items for trading in stock.
  These are worldwide used and mint stamps, including single
  stamps, sets and FDC’s.  Please check my TRADING STOCK and
  see if there are items that you could use for your collection. 

  There are several options to check my TRADING STOCK. I made
  lists with complete stock, all with the numbers from MICHEL
  online catalogue. You can download them here.

  Not everybody has the availability of MICHEL catalogue. So I
  decided to make scans from my TRADING STOCK. Here you can
  download complete list with scans for mint and used stamps.

  NOTE: I started to scan my stock in August 2017.
  To scan 20,000 items it is very laborious. So
  scanning of my stock is not complete yet, but
  there will be additions every week.
  Please have some patience……..         

   Click on the picture above for my scans from stock. If this does
  not work, you can use right mousebutton and open it in a new
  frame. Other possibility is to copy the link and paste it in
  your webbrowser.
  = On scans there can be tickets with a number and value. The
      number is MICHEL-number. Value is the cataloguevalue at
      the moment of scanning. This can be different from actual
      value in MICHEL online. For trading we use actual value.
  = From some stamps there are more pieces in stock. Maybe
      you get another stamp then is seen on scan. I try to send
      the stamp with best dentation and cancellation.
  =  When there is only one piece in stock, it could happen that
      I have just send it to another collector. The intention is to
      update the lists and scans as often as possible.