options and conditions for trading

Tekstvak:   TRADING STAMPS ; options and conditions

  In the past 20 years I have been TRADING STAMPS with 
  collectors worldwide. With some of them I traded only
  once. With other friends I build a contact that already lasts
  more then 15 years. Each year I send 90-100 letters with
  totally 6.000 stamps to friends worldwide. 
  I want to get in contact with new stampcollectors abroad, 
  to set up a long term stampexchange. So if you are interested,
  send me an emailmessage. 

  We can trade stamps 1:1 or value:value. I collect stamps for
  fun, not to earn money or get rich with my collection. If you 
  have some stamps for me and I have some for you, we can get
  preliminary agreement. If we are both satisfied, even if it is
  not exactly 1:1 or same value, we can trade in my opinion.

  Here you can download a short list with
  options and conditions for trading. These
  are some possibilities for trading. Feel
  free to send me your own proposal.

  I published several advertisements on different websites. The
  intention is to get in contact with other reliable collectors. Here
  are some links to this websites. I can place a link to your 
  website here, in exchange for my link on your website.