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This breed originated in and around Barneveld and is a crossing of the local fowl with Asiatic breeds as Brahma, Cochin, Langshan and Maleier. Local farmers tried to breed a chicken that laid more, bigger and browner eggs, also in winter. The breed became internationally well known because of its large, dark brown egg.

Originally there were many colour variations like the more or less partridge-coloured fowl, and the black and the white fowl. Later on the double laced and blue double laced variations were developed. Since 1923 the most well known is the double laced. Also a bantam Barnevelder fowl was created, in the same colours as the large fowl.

The Barnevelders belongs to the medium sized breeds. They have a single vertical comb and yellow legs. The breed is recognised in 4 colourings: double laced, blue double laced, black, white and since 2009 silver double laced

The striving for dark brown eggs caused the breed to lose ground as a good producer, the brown eggs were the product of less good layers.

In Holland there is a Barnevelder society called ‘De Barnevelder Club’. The society has approximately 200 members. The Barnevelder Fowl is very popular in Holland. Many hundreds of people do have Barnevelder fowl in their backyard but do not breed or show de fowl. They keep the fowl just for fun and for the large, dark brown egg. The total number of Barnevelder owners is unknown.


Adresses all in the Netherlands:

Hans Stil, chairman

( +316 10704956


Henk Bakker, secretary

( +3130-6666636

* secretaris@barnevelderclub.nl


Gerrit Simmelink, member


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