Job36:22   Behold, GOD ..:Who Teacheth Like Him?

The Confirmation Of God Himself, With Signs, In All Of His Creation.
Testifying "the Shroud of Turin" is the True Burial-Cloth of Jezus Christ.

Thus the Lord commanded the kings,the princes,the exalted,and those who dwell on earth, saying,
Open your eyes, and lift up your horns,if you are capable of comprehending the Elect One

                                                  Jezus TheMan+HighPriestCapGhostOrchid =JC orchidFace +JezusKing-SqMonkeyCap-GoldCrownSnake

                            CapGhostOrchid same colors as Shroud         JC "Jezus Christ" OrchidCloseup            White Ghost orchid

One portion of them shall look upon another. They shall be astonished, and shall humble their countenance;
And trouble shall seize them, when they shall behold this Son of woman sitting upon the throne of his glory.
him who was concealed; for from the beginning the Son of man existed in secret,
whom the Most High preserved in the presence of his power, and revealed to the elect.

PinnaNobilisShell with ByssusHair       Manoppello in Church Image Byssus Cloth

                                                 Arrows=Same BloodFlow and FoldLine.Both Have #3 and Same BloodSpots

     Manoppello:Lord Gave Hair shell-Knew Image was Damaged              Manoppello Image Merged with Face of Jesus Showing Eyes Open        

Shroud of Turin Copyright God Almighty

The Star of David (diamond uncut

The Shroud of Turin

Ultraviolet Fluorescence Photograph

The Straight Nose
The Perfectly Straight Nose !
Psalm34:20     He keepeth all His bones,not one of them is broken.

Ultraviolet Fluorescence shroud torso negative
Negative Ultraviolet Fluorescence photo Positive

The Seal of Salomon Diamond Star of David (the Hebrew

The Face Of Jezus
                                                                                              Original Uncut RoughDiamond                   SameDiamond            Enhanced to show the outline of the Nose and Swollen Eye

The Ultimate Proof ! This is the Face of Our Lord Jezus Christ on the Shroud.

The Childs "Scull and Legs" Look Alike are confirmation that Signs of the Diamond and Crucifix catfish Are the Signs of God
Job 12:8 ..speak to the earth, and let it teach you

The Shroud Front Body    

Cloud Formation "the Hand"

Shroud Hand and Cloud Hand Enhanced

The Hand Of God
(enhanced and flipped vertical - neutron star known as PSR B1509-58 )

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the hand of God


Back Legs
Ultraviolet Fluorescence Photograph

Backfeet BackFeet

Pelvis Spine
Pelvis_Spine UV Fluorescence photo

The Sudarium of Ovida Notice the Same Red Spot on Nose and Swollen Eye

Sudarium Seastar (Sheet Lifting-Up)

Another Sign of the True Burial-Cloth of Jezus Christ
A close-up of the material of the Shroud and the Cobra snake

M76LittleDumbbell nebula (various cameras)     Dripping Blood agate     Dumbbell Shaped Roman Flagrum
Numbers   " 3 "  Dumbbell     " 3 "  Smoke Agate

Numbers " 3 "

Fire in Chapel of Guarini,next to the Cathedral of Turin Friday 11 April 1997 at 11.30 pm Moment Fire Discovered

"Clock" Agate "Time" Moment Fire Starts

Notice the "Color of Bricks" Church and Clock agate

Brick goldfish

Fire Smoke Agate                ;                                           Cathedral Agate

Signs in Constellations "Crus" and "Indus"

Fire Agate "Man Running"                   2 Firemen         " 2 (fire) Men Running "          Shroud "Bow-Tied" Saved
His name is Mario Trematore.
He is the man who saved the Shroud from the flames and from the collapsing chapel.

RunningMan and Flame.Nebula-Orion

When the situation was given up for lost,
He Run amidst the Flames
and while around him all was collapsing, bursting and burning,with a big iron hammer he began to batter

the Bullet-Proof Glass     which protects the Shroud.
" Bow-Tied Bullet - ..." NosePuffer                             "Glass"catfish                                shattered Glass" fishes

The New Place of the Shroud After the Fire
Sign in Constellation "Apus" the "Blue Sofa" and "Curtain-Glass" CatFish (red arrow)

"Blue Pillow" agate

The Winecup from the Last Supper (agate

The Cross Man and the Rolled-up Shroud Ready to be Used (agate

The White Long Sheet Unrolled(Linnen Shroud)

Notice the folds,to be stretched out more.(agate

Sheet Folded (agate
shroud agate

Shroud (agate-center)

Psalm19:1 The Heavens declare the Glory of God
Luke21:25 And there shall be signs in ..,.. the Stars

The Head Wound
CrabNebula Transparent on Shroud
CrabNebula-CCDcameraNASA  as Transparent on Shroud     Japanese-Crane

" Crab Nebulas Nasa and Church-Bell" Crab-Chandra X-ray

The Shroud in the Church of .....

Saturnus-Jupiter "Magnetic ShockFront" RadioEmission Sounding like "Organ music and Church-bells Ringing"
ref:GRZMECK: Arkady Fiedler book "fishes singing in the Ukayali'  Catfish sounding like "Church-bells Ringing"
see also:Talking Catfish ,CardinalFish , Red Cardinal Bird

The Crucifix Catfish - Arius Proops.

Ref.GRZMECK Encycl.Fishes:page432 Photo page422
Underside of the skullCovering has a bony structure which can be seen when all the flesh + soft parts are removed.
It then looks like a Crucifix or like an Image of Christ Crucified,
and is surrounded by a Weberian bone in Form of a Halo.
The upper rough part of the skull roof which is also visible on the living fish,
looks like a Monk with a Cowl and Hood and his Arms Outstretched in Prayer.
Or as a Roman Soldier with Armour on his Chest
and the dorsal fin spine is the Lance with which he opened up Christ Side.
Shaking the Scull Sounds like Dice-Stones

DICE-Stone # 5
Einstein Cross nebula

on Beach "Crucifix Catfish Scull" Underside

Crucifix catfish Suborder
Soldier Fish laying on his Back    " V " Sign

Constellation"Pictor"     the Testing of the Shroud

CrabNebula_Radio Emission_Xray animation ,notice Bell and Open Wound

M27 Dumbbell "Open Wound"                               Crab "Shoulder Wound"

"Shoulder Cross" and "Heart Spear" Wounds

Spear-point Snake "Fer de Lance" and Spear-point agate

"The Spear-Wound"

PurpleSeaSnail  SpearWound              (Roman)Helmet+SpearBlood-Orchids
Spear Snail
Spear Blood-Orchid

The Crucifiction (long tongue)Blood-orchids
Notice the Nails and Hammer orchid

Notice the stand of the Feet

Tunic Agate

the Lord`s Eyes

the Human Eye           and                    Saturnus
"Black Eye" nebula + "Silver Coin" galaxi        "Glowing Iris" nebula           "White Eyeball" galaxi

Orion "Barnard Loop"

Job12:7      But Ask now     THE BEAST,      and they shall Teach thee;
                              and                   THE FOWLS      of the Air,and they shall Tell thee:
                               and                   THE FISHES      of the Sea shall Declare unto thee

Crown of Thorns SeaStar & Purple SeaSnail
                           BackHead                               Purple SeaSnail + "the Crown of Thorns"SeaStar

John 19:2+3:    And the soldiers platted a Crown of Thorns,.,and they put on Him a Purple Robe

Wearing the Crown of thorns(seastar)          and the Robe(Corpse flower)
"Corpse flower-Amorphophallus titanum"Smells like a Rotting Body The plant emits a stench as Decaying Flesh it even Smells Like Somebody is Dead Inside

                                                                      Jezus being in Agony (Corpse flower + enhanced)

"Bloody Thorns" Seastars

Porcupines      "Thorns"

"Wrist Name-Plate"   and    " C  T "
C....T  =   CHRIST
Revelation 1: I am the Alpha and Omega , the First and the Last

      BEARD ape   MUSTAGE eagle-owl      CHINBEARD mandril
BEARD ape MUSTAGE eagleOwl CHINBEARD mandril

Job12.7: ..the Fowls of the Air,..shall Tell thee:
The 2 Owls and the Shroud Owl

the Headwound and the Crown Cranes

Japanese Crane      Blood and the ShavingCream Crane      Razor Shell and Shaven Crane

Isaiah7:20 In the same day shall The LORD Shave with a Razor that is hired,....
the Head, and the Hair of the Feet: and it shall also Consume the Beard.

The Crown -Hair of the crane is like straw "Hair Bleached Out by the Sun"

And there shall be signs in .,. the Stars

                    Thermographic Correction                     FarthestKnownMilkywaySystem4C41.17Hydrogenium

Shroud Wrapped in__ Red Silk & Remainder of Supernova Year 1006

Silk and the Remainder of Supernova Year 1006.JPG

Luke21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun,  And in the moon,  And in the Stars.

Hercules and Corona Boreales.gif

Signs in Constellations

      "Southern Cross,Northern Cross,Corona Boreales,Hercules,Perseus,Monoceros "

      Southern Cross Constellation               
                   Southern Cross           Northern Cross Constellation as of looking at the Back

Hercules and Corona Boreales

Corona Boreales_Hercules_Perseus_Monoceros
Hercules,Perseus,Corona Boreales,Monoceros


Hercules,Perseus,Southern Cross,Corona Boreales,Monoceros

Cross Agates

Job12:8 Speak to the Earth, and it shall Teach thee:
                                                         MOUNT OF THE HOLY CROSS                   Diamond Face Top is as a mountain
Southern Cross Constellation
The "Slumped Body" Taken off the Cross

High on the the northeast face of this peak lies a deep crevice, which retains snow longer than other crevices
and appears as a "Latin Cross" from a distance.
The area was first made famous by photographer William Henry Jackson in 1873.
The "Cross" formation can only be seen from the summit of Notch Mountain,which stands immediately east of Holy Cross.
Location: Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains Colorado about 80 miles west of Denver


The first record of the existence of a physical image (note:the Shroud of Turin) was in the sixth century,in the ancient city of Edessa (now Urfa),in a secret chamber was found over the West Gate of the city wall. This gate was on high ground.In the chamber was a chest containing the Image, still in excellent condition. It would seem that it had been sealed into the wall about 57 AD to protect it The image was moved to Constantinople in the tenth Century.The cloth disappeared from Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade (Sack of Constantinople) in 1204.


King Abgar 944 AD Icon Edessa        Mborje Church of Ristoz Fresco

"Byzantine Church of Ristoz" Build 1389 AD (Mborje-village outside city of Korce South-Albania)

JC orchid enlargement is Face JC (Jezus Christ initials)   Wearing the Hebrew High Priest Cap  is GhostOrchid.pecteilis_susannaepo

In Case You Do Not Believe All Those Signs!

Inkfish (Bloody Mustache + Tongue) and Scallop (Bloody Teeth) Tell You ..!

Other Signs of God
The Dove and NOAH wearing a Turkish Fez (rock California)                                                                   Dove with Olive branch (returning to Noah)

Alphabeth Butterfly "The Letters of The Word of God" Agate Alphabeth

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All these images are just a few of the Signs of God,there are too many to place on this webpage.

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