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26 juni 2010



Rita Camphuijsen met Olieverf schilderijen e.a. 

 1 months for exhibition: January 2010

A selection of work by Rita Camphuijsen

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De Magiër

Long lay the embroidery design of the magician unfinished in a drawer,
but now "the card turned up" in how I processed it in a painting and worked the old idea out in this simbolical painting


When I was about 10  and at the age I grabbed a pencil the first time I allready became aware what a magical world was unveiled through skeching, I did not know what the consequences would be of the subsequent decision not to go to art school, but to the social pedagogical training .

Although I am always continued to give shape to images- pen, ink, pencil, ink, chamotte clay, beads, wool, textile waste materials and so on - then I focused mainly on the psychological, esoteric and religious side of man. My interest was very strongly towards awareness and personal development processes.

My thinking is highly visual, but it came to painting in 2003. The below painting started when I decided to go with oil, which was symbolically done by using an unfinished embroidery 'and freeze it in'. The silk embroidery gave symbolically way to myy art, and I have been painting since.  For me as I once dreamed  in a simbolic dream where I saw things "really as clear as glass". I wanted to give room to my need to express and looking back at how to give my life began, It has been unveiled as my desire to explore my imaginary adventures.

The exhibition is a selection of my work record since 2003 - the year my easel got a prominent place in my home and gave life to several paintings. Exploratory in watercolor brush strokes led to a sweeping series of oil colors on my palette. The relationship between nature and man is first addressed. Themes and Series unrolling further.

Since the painting demands room , I want (besides my work in the psychosocial support) to continue down this road. Disconnection can not noticeable be realised because either living areas are present in my life. Through my subjects is revealed my love for nature, my humanity and community involvement. So everything comes together.

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