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The New York Times, Stephen Holden :
“The movie is a cautious, digressive exposé of the girls' exploitation-
- In one scene several rotating girls are choreographed into a kind of aerial ballet.”

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The New York Times


Variety Deborah Young:


Film Journal International , Maria Garcia :

“Chris Relleke and Jascha de Wilde, skillfully weave their tale -”
- you want to scream from every rooftop that no one should miss this documentary, that the filmmakers so assiduously capture every subtlety”

The Flick Filosopher , Mary Ann Dohanson :

“stunningly tragic and oddly visually beautiful documentary”




The Columbia Spectator, Mallory Jensen:

“Starkiss is thought-provoking and well-executed. The result of de Wilde and Relleke's refusal to allow pat interpretations is a film that both sheds light on a realm hitherto largely obscure to us, and that will have audiences arguing for hours and days afterward about how to see that realm.”




Cinebooks, Ken Fox :

“Relleke and de Wilde document horrifying human rights abuses with a minimum of sensationalism and an eerie poetry that makes for an unforgettable visual experience”


Premiere, Aaron Hills :

“Endlessly fascinating”

India Weekly~ USA , Chandrakant Pancholi :

“Do not miss this beautifully done documentary”


Daily IDFA:

“In Starkiss, the directors dive into the almost medieval looking circus life in India , in a profound admirable way”