Catechism - N.L. Sifferath 1864/1869

When you ENTER HERE you'll find the text from N.L. Sifferath's Odaawaa Catechism.
I have attempted to present in 3 frames:
  1. a transcription of the text in Fiero spelling and as well
    a free translation into English. 
  2. (2a) NEW grammatical analysis and word-by-word translation
            or at choice
    (2b) a (limited) morpheme break-down 
  3. a vocabulary with references into the text

The frames have pointers to other frames as follows:
    1 to 2a,     1 to 2b,     2a to 1,      2b to 1,      3 to 1.

The program Toolbox ( ) with its interlinearize function proved of great value for the transcription etc. .

Your comments are very wellcome at  

When you ENTER HERE you'll find as well an explanation of the lay-out.

This explanation, however, needs to be extended for (2a).

Kees van Kolmeschate
Van Huutstraat 16
The Netherlands