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Renault 12: the first world car:

These pages are dedicated to the Renault 12. A very succesful car of the 70's. Its carreer in western Europe ended in 1980 but in other regions of the world it was sold until late the 90's. Even today, a lot of Renault 12's can be found in service nearly all over the world. It has proven to be very reliable, robust and also easy to maintain.

The Renaults 12 were not only built in France. In Spain, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia and Ivory Coast. And in Roumania the car was build under licence by Dacia. It was commercialised nearly everywhere. In Australia, from 1978 onwards, it was called "Virage". And the Turkish Renault 12s were rebadges "Toros" after 1980.
The total production reached more than 2.8 million cars, Dacia not included.

If you have any remarks or you want your picture of your R12 placed, please send me an E-mail. I hope you enjoy these Renault 12 sections of our homepages and let me know what you think of it.

See also the Renault 12 page www.renault12.nl

 About our interest:

After some months of almost desperately seeking for his 'dream-car', my boyfriend decided to buy the next interesting car that came around: a Renault 12. A friend noticed that he knew a R12 that had belonged to an old men that unfortunately had died, and now the car was looking for a new owner. When my boyfriend brought this car home, for me it was love at first sight. I instantly, spontaneously started laughing. However, it wasn't until my boyfriend sold the car that I realised that I was really fond of it. And now, some time later, I made up my mind: I'm trading my boring, modern car for an interesting, funny old one...

And finally, here she is! It all needed a bit more work than I expected, and there were troubles finding brake parts, but from now on: keep your eyes open, because here I come. (Of course, this warning is only for European viewers).

Isn't she a beauty, especially the colour. The first question I get when I show anyone my car:' so, when are you having it repainted?' Well, I happen to like the colour very much, and I can be assured of attention.

Pictures of my beautiful Renault 12 and me.
Click on the picture to view full size image.

Although I don't know that much about the technical part of the car, I know what I like, and I like what I see in the Renault 12. Having a boyfriend that helps me keeping the car on the road provided the opportunity to drive an old car. And having connections, where you can get parts, of course helps enormously. You often can't just call the garage when you have problems with your oldie!

06-11-1999: Meanwhile...I bought one! An original Dutch, orange 1975 Renault 12 TR Automatic.

15-01-2000: Finally I can show you my car!

17-03-2000: More then 2.000-km already and still smiling...!

02-07-2000: After the oil-leakage of the engine became worse over the last months, we decided to overhaul the cylinder-head. Now the engine is suited for unleaded fuel, it runs even better and it looks better under the bonnet as you can see on the repair page.

03-09-2000: Today we celebrate my car's 25th anniversary! Because of her good behaviour this year, I might get her new springs, or a couple of different wheels.

06-09-2000: Whoops, I had a little accident! Even if your are so careful, this may occur. I hit another car with my left front wing, so I ended with a dent. Fortunately, that part was not so good any way, so I already had planned to replace it.

17-09-2000: Here's a message to everyone that sent me pictures: thank you for your patience. All your pictures are online now.

05-10-2000:  The October issue of the German classic car magazine "Oldtimer Markt" has an article about the R12. They are very enthusiastic about the car (of course!), they could only find one disadvantage.....You can not find any R12's any more because someone who owns a R12 will never sell it.

15-12-2002:  Still going very strong! We drove already more than 20.000 km with this car... Without any major problem.

02-10-2003:  This morning the rear exhaust muffler broke and fell on the street! What a noise..... And although we have a spare exhaust, Dave managed to weld it. But soon we better replace it.

Januari 2004:  The yearly checkup showed that the age is starting to count (well she is almost 29 years now). The wheelbay where the spare wheel is, is almost gone. So I had to do some welding to it. Soon you can read about it on the Renault 12 repair page, which I already updated to the latest page layout.

6 April 2004:  An accident! Some guy reversed back into my rear wing! No one got hurt, but it is possibly the end of my Renault 12......

2 July 2004:  We are selling the Renault 12. After the accident we do not feel like fixing it anymore. For Ä 350,- it will go. Otherwise it will be wrecked....

27 September 2004:  It is sold..... After four years of driving-fun, our Renault 12 story has ended. We decided to buy a Clio (1997) in stead of a classic. But who knows...someday.

Oktober 2010:  We have bought one again! Looking on a French advertisement site we found an (almoust) perfect 1973 R12 TS in the perfect 386 yellow. See the foto above.

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