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Selected list of publications by Dr.Bert Meertens, Rural Development Expert.

Meertens, H.C.C., Ndege, L.J. and H.J. Enserink (1995)

Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Meertens, H.C.C. (2003) Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 65: 163-171.

Bert Meertens (2008) Research & Extension Management Specialist ,Final Draft, EU/CARIFORUM Rice Project.

Bert Meertens (2005) Paper presented on the internet. For references to this paper you are requested to mention the website

Meertens, H.C.C. (1999) PhD Thesis Wageningen Agricultural University, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Dynamics in Farming Systems: changes in time and space in Sukumaland, Tanzania.

A realistic view on increasing fertiliser use in sub-Saharan Africa

On-Farm Research Manual

The prospects for integrated nutrient management for sustainable rainfed lowland rice production in Sukumaland, Tanzania.

Rice cultivation in the farming systems of Sukumaland, Tanzania. A quest for sustainable production under structural adjustment programmes.