Some of my notes and reports are available to browse:

Evaluation of a chess tournament: an article in Dutch, published in 1915 on prize distribution at a chess tournament

Jobs, functions and projects : my professional CV, in Dutch

Pontryagin: a chapter of an Akzo report I wrote, giving an introduction to the Dynamic Optimisation Theory of Pontryagin, including the formulas to compute the sensitivity of the optimal solution to changes in the parameters (October 1973)

Calculation of molecular weight and gel point: compute the weight average molecular weight and gel point of a polymer, based on kinetics (December 1974)

Sensitivity in dynamic optimisation: the never published paper on sensitivity in dynamic optimisation (March 1975)

Optimal filter constant: compute the optimal filter constant for a first order exponential filter (Karlovy Vary, 1975)

Degree of branching of non-linear polymers: compute the degree of branching of non-linear polymers using Markov theory (June 1976)

Choice of the sampling time of an autocorrelated signal: it does not make sense to sample an autocorrelated signal more than twice its smallest significant time constant (March 1977, in Dutch)

Kinetics of a chemical proces: kinetics of the formation of trichlorobutyl propionate from butylacrylacrylate and hydrochloric acid (April 1976, in Dutch, English summary)

Extensions to the Method of Saaty: extensions of the method of T.L. Saaty to rank alternatives (December 1978, in Dutch)

RID Management Information System: requirements for a future management information system of RID. The director did not like the last sentence of the introduction: "it is pointless to give someone a car, if he hasn't a drivers licence" (1980, in Dutch)




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