Some project descriptions, research or hobby items you will find on this website:


  1. Should a freighter reserve a place in the harbour in advance?
  2. Find the best parameters for a digital tracking filter
  3. Discover periodicities with Fourier Analysis  and read how this knowledge can be profitable
  4. Will a chemical mixture gelate, i.e. will it produce a solid mass or an impermeable  layer of paint?
  5. Find the optimal way to pay off your mortgage
  6. If two competing species cohabitate, where one preys on the other species: will they both survive in the Volterra System?
  7. Estimate the parameters of a mathematical model, if the independent variables are strongly (up to 100%) correlated
  8. Find an age dependent pension scheme that yields the same yearly contribution to your final pension, so you will not suffer a pension gap
  9. Estimate the reliability of a complex computer network
  10. Estimate priorities by pairwise comparisons
  11. Perform sensitivity analysis in dynamic optimization
  12. Find cheap holiday homes for a group of youngsters
  13. Find measurement errors in a time series
  14. Assign your staff to your projects in the best way possible
  15. Estimate the sampling rate you should use to follow time dependent quantities
  16. Divide memorabilia among heirs


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