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Quilts, Textile Arts and Paintings, Helge van Drongelen

Tide Line

I look down

And see my feet

In the last wave

Of the tide line.

The Sun turns

Millions of lights

In the water,

So delicate, so fine.

The last remnant of foam

Of the waves

Flatter themselves around my ankles

Tickle and soft my skin.

There will be a peace about me

In me,

There is a lovely silence

The flood is the only sound.




In the silence of this hour,

the memories,

The tender moments,

 love given and received,

pain and sadness of old pain,

love for each child received,

surrender and also vigilance,

 grandchildren a great wealth,

some kept quiet,

thoughts come and go,

one stick, push The other back,

feel lost, loss of dear souls,

 embrace the richness of life ,

Be aware of repetitions in nature,

the beauty of each animal,

The man with all his habits,

attracting, repellent,

all variations on our world,

 the essential Sun,

and the universe,

 not contain Much yet,

stick to,

faith,hope, love.



A poem written on a window in the city of Hulst by the resident

Gedicht gezien in de stad Hulst