Qalmar Maleygmyut's Alaskan Malamutes

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DOB 26-03-2013
CH.Peace River's Just Do It NJK BJWNL'14 ES'15CH. Peace River's In Your Dreams CH. Taolan Traces of the Cat CH. Taolan Tundra Nordic
CH. Taolan Fancy That
CH. Peace River A Chill A Minute CH. Chikara's Chilly Willy
CH. Chikara's Peace River Sassi Chassi
CH. Peace River's Bling it On CH. Silverice's Lichen Standing Stone CH. Silverice's The Bottom Line
CH. Sno Klassic Only on a Sundae
CH. Peace River's all That and a Bag of Chips CH. Wencinja's Int'l Man of Mystery
CH. Peace River's She's All That
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