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Brandcodes: Optimalisation for:   Info Button
AM8 AM9 Aston Martin
AO Audi Original
C1 Chrysler
F Ford
G Opel
J Jaguar
K1/K2 Ferrari
LRO Land Rover
M3 BMW M3 (3 serie)
MO Mercedes
N0 N1 N2 N3 N4    Porsche
RO1/RO2 Audi Quattro GmbH models
S1 Peugeot

General         Meaning: Runflat tyres         Meaning:
LT     Light Truck AOE    Audi Original Extended
P     P-Metric (USA) CS    ContiSeal (Continental)
C     Commercial (vans) CSR    Conti Safety Rim (Continental)
CP     Camping Pneu (for motorhomes) DSST    Dunlop Self Supporting Technology
PR     Ply Rate (number of plies) EMT    Extended Mobility Tyre (GoodYear)
R     Radial EUFORI@    Pirelli
T     Spare Tyre MOE    Mercedes Benz Extended
TT     Tube Type (with innertube) RFT    Run Flat Tyre (Bridgestone)
TL     Tube Less (without innertube) ROF    Run On Flat
WW     White Wall RSC    Runflat System Component
#     Speciaal profiel SSR    Self Supporting Runflat (Continental)
E of LRR     Low Rolling Resistant    TRF    Toyo Run Flat
M+S, M&S, M.S.     Mud and Snow XRP    Extended Runflat Performance (Kumho)
    Winter tyre ZP    Zero Pressure (Michelin)
ML     Bumper rim
TWI     Tread Wear Indicator
Vmax     Suiteable for>360 km/h (Continental)
SUV     Sports Utility Vehicle

4x4 Markings    Meaning: Rim protection    Meaning:
M/T Mud Terrain (80% Off Road profile) FR Felgen Rippe
A/T All Terrain (50% onroad & 50% offroad profile)    FP Flange Protection
RW/RWL Raised White Letter MFS Maximum Flange Shield
RWLS Raised White Letter Size... FSL Felgen Schutz Leiste
WSS White Sidewall Size... RPB Rim Protection Bar (Yokohama)
WL/WLT White Letter
OWL Outlined White Letter
ROWL Raised Outline White Letter
RBL Raised Black Lettering
BSW Black Side Wall
PW Plain Wall
SBL Block Letters

Standard/Reinforced version    Meaning: Nordic versions    Meaning:
SL Standard Load AD Aluminium Studs
RF/RFD Reinforced     MD Plastic Studs
XL/EL Extra Load SD Steel Studs
OS Oval Studs

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