Alfa Romeo SZ ( ES-30 )

Books about the Alfa Romeo SZ ( ES-30 )

ES-30   1989 - 1991

The first book is Titled: Alfa Romeo S.Z., by Roberto Piatti, Giorgio Nada Editore. The ISBN number from the Italian version is: 88-7911-013-6, the UK version has the number 88-7911-014-4 and the French version number 88-7911-015-2. I do not know if it has been published in other languages,.. if someone knows this, please tell me. The book contains a lot of colour pictures of the car and it has 95 pages. A must have for SZ / RZ drivers.

Workshop Manual
The second book is the Workshop Manual ( Assistenza Technica ) for the SZ. The book is about 4 centimeters thick, and contains eveything you want to know if you need to repair something at the car, but it is difficult to get one. There are versions in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian and about 800 books printed per language in 1990 by Azienda Grafica Orgraf - Torino - Italy.

This manual was designed for use by authorized repair shops belonging to the Alfa Romeo Service Organization. It contains instructions for achieving optimal vehicle running conditions as well as for carrying out repair or overhaul operations on the functional groups and systems wich make up the equipment of the S.Z. coupe. In particular, the Manual provides information on removal and installation procedures, disassembly and reassembly, vehicle inspections and checks as well as instructions for the electrical troubleshooting of the Motronic Ml4.1 injection system. The manual contains ample illustrations of all the operations to be performed, so that it is easy to identify the particular item, unit or assambly involved, the tool or equipment to be used and the correct working procedure to follow.

Service books etc.

Service books and instruction manual in a leather case ( comes with the car ).

If you have any articles, books etc about the Alfa Romeo SZ ( ES-30 ), I am intrested in purchasing them.
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