Right Hand Driven SZ ( ES-30 )

Alfa Romeo SZ - Right Hand Driven ( ES-30 )


This SZ was converted from LHD to RHD and from 3.0 liter to 3.5 liter, by Auto Delta in the UK. Than the car got shipped out to Zimbabwe and ended in South Africa. The current owner restored the car completely.

In november 2010 the New Zealand former owner - Mr. Colin Lowery - who was responsible for the conversion contacted me by email.
He could give some extra information about this special car:

Not sure if you are interested, but I was the person who commissioned the RHD monster from Jano. Massive undertaking !
Jano purchased the car in the UK for me in '92 I think. It was exceptionally low milage and owned from memory by a Japanese gentleman living in the UK. I never saw the car in the metal. It went straight to Janos shop. Engine removed for 3.5 conversion and then the hard work. My wife and I visited Jano's workshop and saw the car in pieces. It became a nightmare, but Jano and I perseverved and in the end it was worth it. Took far longer and cost far more than Jano and I ever expected, but the finished article was indistinguishable from a factory car, except of course, the steering wheel was on the right hand side.

I had it shipped to Zimbabwe in '95 when I moved there for business, and then sold it to the son of a Mugabe confidante when I relocated to the UK for a while. Zimbabwe suffered then from a lack of vehicles so the SZ caused jaws to drop everywhere. When parked crowds of people would gather around to look. It was a great car. I was going to keep it for another project, dropping a Ferrari engine into it, but that never eventuated. I had had my fun and remember it with great nostagia.

Some may debate why I converted to RHD but the fact is I am a NZ resident and LHD cars are prohibited in NZ except in exceptional circumstances. It was of course my intention to import the car into NZ but as it happens it never saw a NZ road. There was one other in Zimbabwe. A LHD car owned by a South African gentleman residing temporarily in Zimbabwe.
All the best, Colin.

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