SZ & RZ Tuning !!!

Wheels, BIG brakes, chip-tuning, exhaust etc.

SZ wheels-S.Chambers

The size of those wheels is: front: 8x18 inch / rear 9.5x18 inch.

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BigWheels-S.Chambers BigWheels-S.Chambers BigWheels-Madeno exhaust-Madeno exhaust-Madeno BIG brakes-Tarox BIG brakes-AP/DA BIG brakes-AP/DA BIG brakes-AP/DA BIG brakes-AM BIG brakes-AM 4 pots brembo steering wheel-Madeno gear-lever knobs-Madeno racing pedals-Madeno exhaust brakes-Madeno Dyno chip -Squadra Tuning Compressor Compressor 24 Valves-J.Porter 24 Valves Borin. 24 Valves SZ090. INOX-exhaust ss-exhaust-EPS ss-exhaust-EPS compressor Autodelta compressor Autodelta charger+cooler J. Porter, V6 - 24 V - 3liter - 325 hp. Supercharger I. Escrader, 300 BHP. Compressor. What's this ? inox exhaust inox exhaust inox exhaust special exhaust special exhaust

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