Pictures of my encounter with Dr. Andrea Zagato at a Car Design Seminar in The Netherlands.

At the 22 of November 2000 I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Andrea Zagato during a Car Design Seminar at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands.
It was only possible for me to ask him a few questions... so.... I now know for sure that there are 1036 SZ's produced and 278 RZ's and not as in the most books etc. mentioned 998 SZ's and 241 or 350 RZ's.
Also I asked him what the name SZ now really means....."Sprint Zagato" or "Sport Zagato". About this I had several discussions on the internet.....
Explanation from Dr. Zagato: Sprint is a term often used in Alfa Romeo's history..... and the term Sport is more used by Lancia. So because of that they decided to call the ES-30 SPRINT and not SPORT Zagato.

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Aula Delft 1 Aula Delft 2 Aula Delft 3 Signature 1 Signature 2 outside 1 outside 2 Outside 3

We met eachother later again, 2004 at the "Spa-Italia" event and in 2009 at the Zagato company together with Sig. U. Pietra. ( Castagna Vittoria )

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