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For Sale: SZ & RZ Parts, books, brochures and models.

Zagato Emblem

* Rotten at most SZ's,..the bonnet insulation. Check out techtip 18a ! Best to check out before starting the new driving saison.
1x Available.

Insulation bonnet SZ

Insulation bonnet SZ

* SZ / RZ carpets, black or beige with needled trough logo's etc. in colour. They will never wear off anymore !!
( 1x beige and 1x black set available )

SZ Carpets

SZ Carpets

SZ Carpets

SZ Carpets

* 1x set of "Led modified door-window switches". You will never ever have the problem with overheating door-window switches anymore !!!!


* 1x Switch-set for on the konsole available.


* Last set: The world famous De Dion plus "Anti-rattle kit". ( to cure the noises at the rear side )

De Dion Kit

Anti rattle kit

* Car Cover for the SZ. ( on request )

Car Cover

Car Cover

* Car Cover RZ. ( 1x last one )

Car Cover

* The original glossy SZ brochure: 1x in the German language and 1x in English.



*** One SZ leather manual complete with the books in the English version ( on request ) and 1x a SZ Certificate. ***


* 1x RZ certificate bordeaux.

Certificate SZ / RZ

* Wheel bags SZ and RZ: 1x SZ / 1x RZ bordeaux / 1x RZ black. ( on request )

wheelbag SZ/RZ

* 1x left and 1x right side front blinker SZ or RZ. ( On request )

SZ/RZ parts

* 1x left side, 1x middle and 1x right side rear blinker cover SZ or RZ. ( On request )

* SZ mud-guards in kevlar/carbon hybride material. The original plastic ones frequently get damaged, because the bumper is hitting speedbumps etc. just below those mudguards. Kevlar/Carbon will not break anymore. ( 1 last set available ).

Kevlar Mudguards

* Pop rivetted "wings" ( above the front wheels ). Production on request.


* Copied SZ Workshop manual in English, Italian, French or in German.
* RZ Workshop manual in English or in German.
* Copied Partsbook ( 5 languages )
* RZ manual in English or German.


Also a partsbook on request !


* If you own an incomplete SZ press kit and you are missing some pics..... 2 photos from this kit available.
Please make an offer.


* SZ / RZ rubber profile ( Only on request ). For the SZ it comes in a piece of 15 meters.
Please check out techtip number 59.

 Parts SZ / RZ

* Collectors items Special SZ micro fiches used at the dealers, showing all mechanical and body parts, numbers etc.
Available the fiches from: February 1991, July 1991, April 1992, and.... September 1994.

SZ/RZ parts

SZ/RZ parts

* Several models ( see the topic about the SZ / RZ models ) in different scales, built and as kit. Prices from 15,00 euro upto 300,00 euro for the bigger and more special ones.

ES-30   1989 - 1991

If you can not find the SZ / RZ parts you need, maybe I can help you:

If you have any articles, books etc. about the Alfa Romeo SZ ( ES-30 ), I am intrested in purchasing them.
Please email me if you have anything of interest.

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No guarantee on old stock / electronic parts. New old stock parts can have minor flaws. Replicated parts can possibly show minor differences compared to the original. Parcels will be send with a tracktrace code via Post NL all riscs for the receiver. When possible and asked for to send insured, than at a mishap, not delivered or damaged parcel, will be only refunded upto the returned amount by PostNL.