My collection mainly exists of Deringers, besides this I collect firearms
made by W.W. Marston.

I used for the description of my collection the Flayderman's Quide to Antique American Firearms.

These antique arms are released in accordance with the Dutch law (art. 18 R.W.M).

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This is a part of my collection

W.W. Marston Pocket Model Revolver, made c. 1858 into the early 1860s, cal 31,
6-shot, seventh type, barreladress The Union Arms co., (page 311 7A-049)

Boss Single Shot Blank Deringer, 22RF blank noise-maker,
nickname: "Fourth of July pistol", (380 8A-030.6)

W.W. Marston double action pepperbox
Made c.1850, cal 31,adress on hammer:W.W. Marston, ( page 328, 7B-010)

Sharps 4 barrel pepperbox, made c. 1859 to 1874, Model 2A, cal 30, (page 178, 5F-078)

A part of the Bacon family

Weapons made by W.W. Marston

Allen & Wheelock Large Frame Pocket Revolver, made c. 1857 into early 1860s, (page 53 5A-052)

Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Pocket Revolver, made c. 1858-1861, (page 54 5A-057)

American Arms Co. Double Barrel Deringer, made c. 1866 to 1878, combination cal 22 and 32 RF,
(page 374, 8A-006)

Old Army, Colt New Line cal 38RF and a Bacon pepperbox

Ethan Allen, 32 deringer, made c. 1865 to 1871 (page 59, 5A-088)

Bruce & Davis Double Barrel Pistol, made c. 1850

Manhattan Three-Shot Pepperbox, made c. 1856 to late 1860's, (page 110 5C-003)

Plant's Co. Front-Loading "Army Revolver", caliber 42, type I (page 403 8A-112)

Marlin O.K. Deringer, cal 30 rimfire, made c. 1863 to 1870 (page 116, 5D-002)

Frank Wesson Medim Frame Single Shot Pistol, First Type,
model 1859, caliber 32, made c. 1859 to 1870 (page 231 5I-015)

Remington-Rider Magazine Pistol
made c. 1871 to 1888, caliber 32 rf extra short. ( page 144, 5E-047)

Brooklyn Firearms Co, Slocum Front Loading Pocket Revolver
Made c. 1863 to 1864, caliber 32 rimfire. (page 381, 8A-032)

Connecticut, Hammond Patent Single Shot Deringer; a.k.a. "Bulldog",
Made c. 1866 to 1880, caliber 44 rimfire. ( page 382, 8A-040)

Colt Third Model Deringer
Made c. 1870-1912, 41 rimfire caliber. ( page 90 5B-160)

Colt New Line 30 caliber, second model, manufactured c. 1873-84 ( page 91, 5B-166)

Colt New Line, Cal 38,32 and 30 Rimfire

Colt New Line 38 caliber, second model, manufactured c. 1874-80 ( pag.92, 5B-172)

Colt New Line 32 caliber, first model, manufactured c. 1873-84 ( page 91, 5B-168)

W.W. Marston , New York, Single Shot Bar Hammer Double Action Pocket Pistol,
(page 339 7C-024), barrel 5", barreladress: The Washington Arms Co.

W.W. Marston Breech-Loading S.S. Pistol
Made c.1850, cal 36 ( page 340, 7C-026)

W.W. Marston double action pepperbox
Made c.1850, cal 31,
barreladress: W.W. Marston & Knox New York,
( page 328, 7B-010)

W.W. Marston Three-Barrel 32 Deringer, made c. 1864 to 1872, 4" barrel, (page 395 8A-075)

E.A. Prescott, S&W style revolver
Made c. 1861 to 1863, quantity a few hundred, caliber 32 rimfire ( page 404, 8A-119)

E.A. Prescott Pocket Model Revolver, long frame, barrel lenght 4"
Made c. 1862-1867, cal 32 rimfire,several hundred ( page 406, 8A-125)

S&W Model No. I Second Issue Revolver
Made 1860-1868, caliber 22 short rimfire. ( page 183, 5G-007)

S&W Model No. I 1/2 First Issue and second issue Revolver
Made 1868-1875, caliber 32 long rimfire. ( page 187, 5G-029)

S&W Model No. 2 Old Model Revolver
Made 1861-1874, caliber 32 long rimfire. ( page 187, 5G-035)

All Smith's together

T.J. Stafford, New Haven, Connecticut, Single Shot Deringer.
Made c. 1860, 22 caliber rimfire. ( page 415, 8A-171)

L.B. Taylor & Co, Chicopee, Massachusetts, Single Shot Deringer,
Made c. 1868 to 1870, caliber 32 rimfire. ( page 417, 8A-180)

Merwin & Bray Single Shot Deringer
Made c. 1876 to 1880, 22 caliber rimfire. ( page 395, 8A-076.5)

Bacon Mfg.Co. Single Shot Pistol, made c. early to mid-1860s. (page 379 ,8A-024)

Bacon Mfg.Co. Pocket Revolver, made c. early 1860s, 32 rimfire, (page 377 8A-018)

Bacon Arms Co. Pepperbox Revolver, made c. late 1860, (page 378 8A-022)

Rollin White Arms Co. Single Shot Pocket Pistol, Made c. 1861-1864, (page 420, 8A-189)

C.H. Ballard Single Shot Deringer
Made c. 1870, 41 caliber rimfire. (page 379, 8A-025)

Moore's Patent Firearms, Front Loading Teat-Fire Revolver
Made c. 1864 to 1870, 32 caliber teat-fire. ( page 398-8A-093)

Merrimack Arms Co. Southerner Deringer
Made 1866 to 1873, caliber 41 rimfire. ( page 381, 8A-034.5)

Remington-Elliot Single Shot Deringer
Made c. 1867-1888, caliber 41 rimfire. ( page 143, 5E-041)

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