Magna Carta
past and present

2000 - 2009


The battle continues. Magna Carta and the music industry are not the best of friends. This year brought four "new" albums: "Where to now?", "Rings around the moon", "Evergreen" and "Forever".

Chris and Linda traveled to a lot of different countries. Among those there were countries they never visited before. Just to name two: Austria and Slovenia. The total number of countries visited is seventy.

Chris Simpson has been known as a songwriter and a singer. Last year he also played mouth harp. He could not play guitar because of an accident in the Middle East. He does more! He has made the painting for the sleeve of the album "rings around the moon". The Dales man published some of his stories about the life in the Yorkshire Dales. In November his book "The visitor" was published.

In the top 2000 from the Dutch Radio 2 there are three Magna Carta songs:
- Lord of the Ages at 512;
- Airport song at 688;
- Took a long time at 1297.

The Friends publish a new item in the magazine: the chords from a number of songs.


Another year with exciting news.

Magna Carta made a new studio record for Gold Circle records. It was recorded in the Spring of the year and released in September. It was produced by Vic Emerson.
The people in the music business are enthusiastic. They believe that there are three or four songs with hit potential.

Linda has made a free and special CD for the Friends. It was a special enclosure with the first issue of the magazine in year ten.

Magna Carta was in the top 2000 for this year with one song: "Airport Song" at 496. This is their highest position in this chart ever.

There is a Magna Carta recording of "Feel my love" on the tribute album "Forever Young" for Bob Dylan.

Matthijs Barnhoorn joines Chris and Linda on stage in Zutphen. Looking back we know he would never really leave. Also no one can tell when he was promoted to an officialy memeber of the band.


Another year of more new music and other interesting things.

Magna Carta made a dvd recording of one of the concerts during the Dutch tour in December 2001. A DVD with this recording with the title "Ticket to the moon" was released in 2002. At almost the same moment the long expected "complete works of Magna Carta" with the lyrics, album sleeves and album notes was released.

Word was out that there will be a new 45 taken from the "Seasons in the Tide" album: "Here to Stay (over my schoulder)". The single was not released due to bankruptcy of the record company Gold Circle.

Talking Elephant released "A touch of class" the recording of the two concerts in Grassington.

Magna Carta succesfully played at the prestigious Cropredy festival in England. The band was Chris, Linda, Bob, Stewie and Matt. The weather was as it always is the air was filled with rain. There were two more festivals in England: the Grassington and the Nidderdale fetival. Chris and Linda also played in a church during the international four days marches in Nijmegen. Other acts at the same podium on other dates were Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone, Margriet Eshuijs, Tango Dorado, Jan Akkerman and Thé Lau. Good company.

In March Magna Carta played a number of concerts together with Acoustic Rescue and Fairport Convention. That is where they met Matthijs (Matt) Barnhoorn a very fine fiddle player. Chris and Linda invited him to play with them after that a number of times.


The year 2003 brought succesful concerts in Holland, England, Belgium and Germany in theatres and at festivals.
Chris has written a number of interesting (very good) songs. He can easily fill one or two new albums with these.
The plan for a concert in Carré with an orchestral Lord of the Ages still exist.
There was a release of two albums. One with previous released albums: "Ages & Seasons" and one with previous released songs "The gold collection".

Airport song was in the Dutch top 2000 once again, this time at 871. The position was lower than last year but a good one taking into consideration that the number of votes compared to last year more than doubled. More than half of the songs were at a lower position. There were 187 new songs in the list.


Concerts in Holland, England, Guernsey and Italy.
The Grassington concerts in December were recorded.

Airport song landed at 1296 this year in the Dutch radio 2 top 2000. The song has been in all the issues. There are only 1075 song who managed to do the same. Each year the number of votes rises. This year it were almost one million compared to sevenhundred thousand last year.


More music and concerts this year.

Walther Goyen starts a new site: Magna Carta: the ultimate discography. The link is in the links section. The special magazine Magna Carta 35 was presented to Chris and Linda in April. A compilaton of all best wishes and the history as presented on this homepage with extra photos.

The (re-)release of: In concert, took a long time, live in Bergen, In tomorrow, Ticket to the moon and time for the leaving

Airport song landed at 1204 this year in the radio 2 top 2000.


A quit year that has brought the usual tours in Holland and concerts in other countries. First concert ever in Canada, the Canterbury folf festival.

Release of: Backroads, Paul Stewart (Chris Simpson) That's the way it goes.

Airport song landed at 1279 this year in the radio 2 top 2000.


Chris' birthday was celibrated with a concert in the Cavern in Liverpool. Many British friends where there, also friends from other countries drove there. Magna Carta was made a member of the wall of fame.
In September Magna Carta travelled to Africa for the first time. Then they did not know it would be more than great and they would go back there.

Release of Deserted highway of the hearts and Tomorrow never comes.

Chris and Linda split up. Not living together anymore but still touring together.

Airport song landed at 1633 this year in the radio 2 top 2000.


The final concert is announced: 11 May 2009 at the Carre. Finally they will play at this famous Dutch theatre in Amsterdam.

Release of Written in the wind and Chris Simpson's when all is said and done

Airport song landed at 1202 this year in the radio 2 top 2000. This year there was no voting. The chart was a combination of all previous charts. That is why Airport song has rissen.


The final concert 11 May in Carre.

After fourty years Magna Carta stopped.

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