Magna Carta
past and present

the eighties

1980, 1981, 1982

Doug, a contemporary folky joined. Paul Burgess (ex 10 cc) came and left again. Once more the hard work began. The album ''Midnight Blue'' was released, on the Continent only.

1982, 1983

Magna Carta dead or alive? ''Higway to Spain'' was a hit in Spain and an album recorded in Luxemburg was put out as ''Sweet Deceiver'' in Spain. Chris released one 45 ''Sting of the Gin''. It should have been a hit but it only made the bottem end of the charts.

1983, 1984

Chris Simpson's solo album (''Listen to the man'') came out in 1983. Other musicicans were Linda Taylor, Will Jackson, Doug Morter and Martin Jenkins. Lee Abott must have done something between 83 and 85 period.

1984, 1985, 1986

For some reason Chris and Linda went to the Middle East. They ran a music club where all sorts of individuals turned up and played. They learned to play as two and after some time they decided to return home and form a proper Magna Carta again.


Magna Carta became an umbrella name. Chris felt like sitting down and guiding it along. There were endless variations of the band depending on what you want.


The album ''One to One'' was finished. It was recorded at Will Jackson's Blue Strike Studio. Tembo decided to confine the tembo label to Roger Withaker only. For this reason the album became a collecter's item. Chris dislikes the album sleeve but surely likes the classics like ''Rings around the moon'' and ''Wild Geese''. Magna Carta played the Cambridge festival without Will but with John Carey. 'Things moved on, Gwyn left the band and sadly died in 1996 at the tender age of 33

1987, 1988, 1989

Lee Abbott semi retired. Steve McMann joins for a small dutch tour. Chris and Linda decide they are Magna Carta. As a duo they toured the world.

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