Magna Carta
past and present

the nineties

1990, 1991, 1992

Chris and Linda decide they are Magna Carta. As a duo they toured the world and married in 1990. In 1991 the first major and fairly succesful dutch tour was made. John Shepard, Will and Eddie Jackson were members of the band. In the same year the album ''Old masters & new Horizons'' was released. It's a kind of ''best of'' with a few new tracks. In 1992 the new album ''Heartlands'' was recorded in Holland. The album was produced by Jan Douwe Kroeske and on the album Paul Burgess is back on drums.

1993, 1994, 1995

Still touring the world. Playing as a duo and playing as a band. No new recording but two live albums with old material: ''State of the art'' and ''Live at the BBC''. The album ''Milestones'' was released in 1994, the year Magna Carta celebrated their 25th anniversary with a BIG concert in Holland.

1995, 1996

The twin acoustic guitar / bass line up is classic Magna Carta. Linda emerges as a star in this and the guitar / bass sound unique. Again touring the world.


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At the start of the year Chris and Linda thought that there was a lot going to happen. 
The plans at the start of the year included the re-release of all the old albums on CD and the recording and release of a new studio album with new material. 
At the end of the year it turned out that only "Magna Carta" and "In Concert" are available on CD. There is no scheme for the re-release of the other albums. The recording and release of the new album is postponed as well. We trust that it will be released in 1998.


There have been no re-releases of the old albums on CD. 
The new album was recorded but the release has been postponed.

Magna Carta has been on the road to many different countries:
Italy, Spain, Potugal, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and of course Holland. 


30 years young and still playing.

The plans for this year include the release of:
- five old albums on CD on April 26th;
- a Linda Simpson solo album;
- a Chris Simpson singer songwriter album;
- a brand new CD.

If things go well there will be more of the old albums out on CD.
The lost tapes of the Royal Albert Hall concert were recovered.
All friends are crossing their fingers. They want this concert to be released as a collecter's item.

Plans do not always work out.
This year only brought the re-release of five old albums on CD.
The release of new material has been postponed. 
There was a special CD for the Friends from the second Grassington concert.
Chris and Linda on stage with some other fine musicians like John Shepard, Iain Stewart and Jonathan Barratt. Tommy Hoy also joined for a few songs, the reunion of two old mates.

Chris had to have an operation after a fall in the Middle East.
This has put him out of action for a while.
Linda had to find another guitarist (Simon Carlton) for the Dutch tour in December. It was his first time in Holland. This tour brought another Magna Carta, a different sound.

Magna Carta managed to have one song in the top 2000 from the Dutch Radio 2. Airport song reached position 930.

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