Dvd presentation

TOP Bemmel 23 November 2002
  Gig #1
  Gig #2

Landgraaf 22 November 2002
  Sound check
  Ex Libris (support act)
  Itīs a mouthharp
  Road and salesmanager
  Thatīs all foolks

De Lantaern 16 November 2002
  Chris and Linda
  The band and special guest
  Chris solo (where are my glasses?)
Chris and Mat
  Chris and Linda #2
  Chris (singing)
  The magic (two{?} hands and a guitar)
  Linda (where are my words?)
  Chris (am I here or elsewhere?)
  The band and special guest #2
  After the show

Nidderdale July 2002
  The band
  A trio
  Applause #1
  Applause #2

Eastbourne February 2002
  Chris and Linda #1
  Chris and Linda #2

Spring 2002

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