90's promotion photo
  Duo #2
  Duo #3
  Duo #4

Arnhem 1-6-1997
  On stage
  View from the stage
  Chris #1
  Linda #1
  Linda #2
  Chris #2
  An impression
  It certainly is fun!

Utrecht 23-9-1994 (25th anniversary concert).
  Linda (white)
  Linda (black)
  Chris & Doug Morter
  Lee Abbott (am I here?)
  Doug Morter (have a nice day)
  George Norris (if I could only see you)
  Will Jackson (this is right)
  Paul Chmielowski (hey Mr. Simpson)
  Jan Akkerman (itīs not my guitar)
  Chris & Jan Akkerman (like old friends)
  Chris, Linda & Jonathan
  Chris, Linda, Paul Burgess, Lee Abbott, Doug Morter, Angelo Vandenberg
  Chris, Linda, Silvia Houtzager & strings (a different sound)
  Chris & Linda (we did it)
  Finishing touch and hughs

Noordwijk 14-8-1999.
  Chris & Linda in a shed the water
  Chris & Linda near the water
  Chris playing inside
  Linda playing inside

Tubbergen 1-5-1999.
  Chris and Linda on stage
  Chris playing
  Linda playing during sound check

Outside in Yorkshire.
  Ready for ...
  I'll walk mine
  Blues for a long road


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