The history of "Friends of Magna Carta"

    Until 1989 Jan Wijkmans not only loved Magna Carta's music but like so many others he was convinced that the band was no longer around. On vacation in Engeland he walked into a recordshop. Looking for a cd version of earlier released albums he found a cd "One to One". The sleeve informed him that it was made by Magna Carta. He was not convinced it was the real Magna Carta. He decided to give it a shot and asked the lady in the shop to play the cd. After a few notes he was sure, it indeed was the real Magna Carta. The band still played the original music even though he heard a lady sing.
    Back in Holland an intensive search started. It ended in Grassington where Chris Simpson was living together with Linda Taylor, the lady-singer.

    In 1991 Magna Carta got a fresh impetus from: a large tour in Holland and the new cd "Old Masters & New Horizons".

    Jan Wijkmans was infected and founded "friends of Magna Carta'' in 1992. You could join "Friends of Magna Carta'', if you loved or liked the music the band played. The membership fee was always low. People outside Holland payed a little bit more than the ones living in Holland.

    Members had three previliges:
    - a copy of "Friends of Magna Carta'' four times a year. (With unique information on the past, present and future of the band)
    - A special day with the band and the friends once every two years
    - CD's and other specialities not available in any shop. (In 1999, 2001, 2006 and 2008 there was a special friends CD (for free).)

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