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      Carre concert
      Harry Pater has made a cover design for the Carre dvd. You can download the images here:

      - front

      - back

      The dvd was made specially for the friends and cannot be ordered.


      Radio 2 TOP 2000 The chart of the top 2000 has been published. Last year was an anniversary edition. The position in the chart was the total of the previous nine years, average if you want. This year is a regular one again. Comparing the 2009 chart with 2008 gives strange results. For that reason a comparison with 2007 has been made.      

      Magna Carta is in the chart with two songs:
      * Lord of the ages on 1373. The song was in the chart before in 2000 on 512
      * Airport song on 1535. It was in the chart all the years, on 1633 in 2007.

      This is a very good score!

      From the 2000 songs in the chart only 6 songs are on the same position as it was in 2007. One of these songs is the number one: Bohemian Rhapsody. There are 217 new songs and 85 songs that re-entered the chart. From the other songs 977 are down and 715 went up. Biggest differences are for:
      * Ramses Shaffy up more than 1400 with “We zullen doorgaan”;
      * Alicia Keys more than 1100 down with If I ain’t got you
      Ramses Shaffy is one of the artist who died last year. He is in the top ten with three songs. His highest song in 2007 was on 51. Michael Jackson is in the chart with 25 songs, in 2007 he had only 6 songs in the chart.

      The first 5 songs from the top 10 are the same as in 2007. All the other songs are new in the top 10 but not new in the chart. The highest entry this year is Coldplay with Viva la vida on position 11.

      The band with the most songs in the chart are The Beatles. Their total this year has fallen to 52, still a lot. The Rolling Stones follow with 33 songs. Abba follows Michael JAckson with 24 songs. The other bands with more than ten songs are: Elvis Presley, Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Marco Borsato, Bløf, Boudewijn de Groot, Cats, Creedence Clearwater Revival, David Bowie, Dire Straits, Eagles, Golden Earring, De Dijk, Neil Diamond and Supertramp. Together this are almost 400 songs!

      The total number of artists (or combinations of artists) is 823. Most of them 480 only have one song in the chart. Amongst them are famous artists like: The Velvet Underground, Venice, Traveling Wilburys, The Band, John Hiatt, Everly Brothers, Gloria Gaynor, Clannad.
      Did you know that with two songs this year Magna Carta is in the same group of artists as Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carol King, Jefferson Airplane, Don Henley, Don McLean, Chris de Burgh and Alain Clarck.

      All information can be found at top2000 site


      Prisoners on the line

      Repertoire records has release the cd from this Magna Carta album.
      Friends have been waiting and waiting for it. Indeed it "took a long time".


      The final concert. May 11, 2009
      The concert was great.

      We added some pictures on the photo page. More pictures can be found in the photoalbum of the offical Magna Carta homepage, and the Magna Carta hyves.

      The final magazine
      Work on the final magazine has been finished. There are contributions from Chris, Linda, Matt and former members of Magna Carta.
      Our president has written "the all time friend story". He sure is a all time friend! I think that he was the first and outnumbers everyone.

      This homepage
      We made changes to the homepage to reflect the current status of the band. We have removed the concert dates, the booking page and the guestbook. New information will be added on a less frequent basis.


      The farewell concert. May 11, 2009
      The Band writes:

      Dear Friends,

      We are now on the final run to The Carré and it seems as though all hell has been let loose as we are now working on the final promotion. Luckily we have the help of Simône of Le Roy Productions. She is doing a wonderful job, has great ideas and, on the night, you will see a marriage of theatre and music. This is something that we have always wanted to see as regards 'Lord of the Ages' but the whole show will be given the 'Royal' treatment by Simone and that will be something that you shouldn't miss.
      At the start of April we were still working on musical arrangements and Linda went off to Paris to work on something very special with Vic Emerson (ex Sad Cafe) .... you will have to be there on the night to hear the results but we're sure it will be amazing. I know everyone wants to know who will be joining us on stage... all I can say is that there will be 11 musicians involved and a narrator. Faces from the past will be with us as we pay tribute to 40 years of Magna Carta music.
      It promises to be a fantastic evening... a complete 'ONE OFF' Don't miss it because after that it is GONE FOREVER
      If you already have your tickets you can be assured of a wonderful evening. If you have not yet booked, we urge you to do so soon as the publicity machine has already started rolling. The details for Magna Carta's farewell concert on May 11, 2009 at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam are NOW available. Please see below.

      BOOKING DETAILS Book via phone from inside the Netherlands: 0900 25 25 255, From outside the Netherlands: +31 20 5249 452 In person from the box office, Amstel 115, Amsterdam – daily between 16:00 and 19:30. Internet from The Carre website website Koninklijk Theater Carré

      We apologise to anyone who gave us an address and did not receive an e-mail - we had several mails returned as undeliverable. Chris, Linda & Matt

      Radio gig
      A radio performance on Dutch radio 1 in the program Opium from the AVRO between 12:15 and 13:00 on 18 April. The program will be broadcast live from Desmet Studio (next to the Artis Zoo) in Amsterdam. Admission is free! The program can be watched on Cultura digital television (317 UPC) beginning Monday 22:00.

      Acoustic festival England
      The Magna Carta performance has moved to Sunday May 24th.

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