Dutch ATV-Amateur PE1DWA

ORV on 1.5-3-6-13-24 cm FM-ATV and 70 cm AM-ATV

QRV on 2340 Mc. FM ATV

Discription of 13 cm FM-ATV-transmitter

Homemade transmitter  

Exciter a tuned oscillator with  BFR 91,(pll.controlled) frequency 1170 MHz,next 3 times  BFR 91 and BFR 96, with transistor BFQ34 A in the driver stage ,output ca 500 mW then a Motorola Power Module output 4 Watt, extra an Narda attenuator  ca 3 dB. Next a multiplier from KPN, output ca.400mW on 2340MHz. Final Spectrian solid state 13 cm  amplifier ,Output ~60 Watt..Antenna a  1 Mtr. Parabolic- Antenna ,gain 24,5 dB. Learn more about this Spectrian  60 Watt solid state 13 cm Amplifier       Click here

  60 Watt solid state 13 cm Amplifier
Spectrian 60 Watt  13 cm Amplifier View in side (cooling from 13 cm  Power  Amplifier)
ATV-FM -13cm-converter (2,2Gc -2,5Gc),design and principle from DC6EH. with 2 times FET MGF1302 in front-end and a MGF1302 in the mixer. The required mixer-signal comes from a signal-generator HP,Model 8616A, with this device you can also tune on the receiving frequency .The internal IF-amplifier is also build with a MGF1302. IF-output on70 Mc. Extra a 70 Mc -IF-amplifier with a  BB -output. Next a audio tuner ,audio-detector ,video separator and at last a video amplifier and  4 watt audio-amplifier,everything  homemade.  
13cm-preamplifier ( DC 6 EH) 2,3- 2,4 Gc  ,Noise factor 0,8 dB with a FET MGF1302,  Next a wideband amplifier from Avantek 2GHz-4GHz,total amplification ca.55 dB. 

last update  : 13-07-2013

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