Dutch ATV-Station PE1DWA

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QRV on ATV with 70 cm.AM and  24 - 13 - 9 - 6 - 3 -1,5 cm.FM.
60W Linear RF Amplifier Board 2.3-2.4 GHz 18dB
This is a 60W linear amplifier board as removed from a very slightly used Spectrian power amplifier which is optimized for 2.30-2.35GHz but is also useful up to 2.4GHz. Required supply voltage is 24-26Vdc @ about 17A. Input drive required for 60W output power is less than 1W, Typ .75W. Power gain @ 60W is 18dB+ (typ. 20dB. Saturated power is close to 80W. Circuit board is on an integral .062" solid copper heat spreader. Both the board upper surface and the heat spreader surface are heavy gold plated. Board needs to be mounted on heat-sink using Silicon grease and 7ea. 4-40 screws in existing holes. RF input and outputs are 50 ohm strip-line and will butt up to a standard SMA or N launch connector. Good quality SMA connectors are rated to 400W @ 2GHz and work very well for this amp. The XFR286 Lateral Mosfets used on this board can handle a 10:1 VSWR @ full power so isolators are not required. Board dimensions are 2.25" x 5.9". Weight is 6 ounces. DC connector pin-out. 1, Temperature output = 10MV/ degree F. 2, PTT = +12V To enable all 3 power FETs. 3, Drain current monitor for Q1. 1volt out/amp of drain current. 4, Drain current monitor for Q2. 1volt out/amp of drain current. 5, Ground. 6-10 are no connection.
New Project, building a solid state 13 cm Amplifier, Output ~ 60 Watt
Frontview 13cm amplifier Home made 13 cm Amplifier, 10 mW in  60 Watt out.
View in side Spectrian 13cm amplifier Printboard with components
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