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This homepage has been created to the idea that I thought that maybe there was an need to an ATV site where the amount at theorie has been limited, but still it would be clear how ATV works and what distance can be reached by Amateur Television. Also the allowed frequencies will be discussed on this page. Most of the pages are that clear, that they will speak for itself.

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First I like to introduce myself. I am Hans Lindeijer. I have been born in The Hague on the 16 september of 1944. After the primary school I went to High School for technical education also in The Hague. I had been specialized in the mat of fine metal threatment. My teacher noticed that I had talent for the subject of electro technics. He even advised me to start a follow up course in the Institution of NERG in Hilversum. At that age I found it to  difficult and my parents had not enough money to support me. That is why I finished school at the age of fourteen. My first job was a job in a engine factory. After a while I deciced to studie again. So I started a study of mechanical engineering  I follewed this course at the PBNA Institution in Arnhem. They were specialized in technical education. I finished this studie at the age of 20. After that I worked at the purchase department of technical instruments. Mainly switch boards were orderd. I had to order too the parts of these switch boards, like relays, switches, meters, wire and so on. The interest in electronics came back as a result of my profession.



The interest in electronics was already there when I was very young. When I was twelve  I made my own inductor. This was very scary for my youngest sister. When i was eighteen I built for the first time my FM transmitter with a OC171 on 102 Mhz. I was interferring the broadcast of the channel Netherlands 1 with my 67 Mhz transmitter on channel 4. I also demolished radio’s in order to rebuilt them. I was also interested in tape recorders and equilizers. After that it was quiet for a while  in that area. But after I had been married with Anneke I became a BDXC hunter with home made antennes. In that time I received the test pictures from Russia, China, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Also I could see the “testbeelden” from East European countries. Mostly on channel 2, 3 or 4. Sometimes  I heard american taxidrivers on the 6 meter frequency. On the UHF I saw pictures from Iceland, Switzerland and a lot of German, English, French,Luxemburg and Belgium broadcast stations and many more

Becoming wiser, I saw that at the area of electronics my knowledge was not sufficient enough. I remembered that my teacher electronics had advised me that I should follow a course of electronics. That is why i start to follow several courses in the areas of radio and television technics. I graduated for this mat. So an old dream came true for me.



Meanwhile I am already more then 40 years a Radio Amateur. Mainly I had been busy with amateur television. First on 70 cm with AM-ATV. After that on 24 cm en 13 cm FM-ATV. In this long period I saw many ATV stations appeared and disappeared on several frequencies. I made connections with Belgian, German, French stations on this frequencies.

I only QRV on the 3 and 6 cm frequency FM-ATV. Sometimes I succeed to transmit on this frequencies, but only with reflections and some concessions.

I am also QRV on the 50 and 70 MHz, but transmitting on the 4 and 6 meter mainly in spring and summer. Through DX experiences with the BDX-club I have learned to listen. That is why I made a lot of long distance connections on this frequency. For instance with Ireland on the FM. That is very rare, I heared from trusted sources. On this 2 Meter and 70 cm frequency usually they could hear me on 144.750 Mhz, 145625 Mhz, 431.425 Mhz and 431.450 Mhz.


After a long carriere of more then 40 years of working, amoung them 14 years as a Teacher Assistant in Science, I retired in the year 2000.I found that making this homepage, is an useful way to spend my spare time.

I hope that I will do radio amateurs and other interested people in electronics a faver by making this home page.

My moment of glory was winning the first price for my school, where I worked, for Science for secundary schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. This competition was organised by the Technical University of Delft. Former astronaut Wubbo Ockels has given the price to 2 pupils of the examination  class of the VWO education. I hope that by giving this information at my home page, there will be more understanding of the backround of ATV station PE1 DWA.

I hope that you have increased your knowledge by viewing and reading this homepage.

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