Dutch ATV-Amateur PE1DWA

ORV on 3 - 6 - 13 - 24 cm FM-ATV and 70 cm AM-ATV

QRV on 435.250MHz. AM ATV 

70 cm ATV-AM-transmitter

Homemade ATV-transmitter : crystal controlled ,design and principle Minikits ,output about 250 mW. AM (video)

Homemade ATV-transmitter  R&S Sitebandfilter 

Free running -sound oscillator 5.5 MHz modulation method: (FM).Next a driver (a modified PEYE 70 cm UHF-amplifier) with  BLX 67 and BLX 89 in the final stage ,output ca.:3 Watt. Next a 3 stages sitebandfilter.Final a Dual MosFet-amplifier with MRF275G,  output ca.: 40 Watt

 Amplifier with  MRF275G  

Preamplifier and 70 cm.- converter 

3-Stages homemade preamplifier with a MGF 1302 in the front-end and 2 times BFR 91A in

 the second amplifier,total-amplification about :40dB,NF< 1dB. 

Next a Philips,UHF- K9-tuner,modified to a IF-output VHF Channel  2-4.     


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