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This site tells about the mysterious Les Disques Du Crepuscule from Brussels and the mythical Factory label from Manchester, and their countless connections.

poster (57cm x 96cm) by benoît hennebert for a concert in brussels, friday may 15 1981. First off all you can find label histories of Les Disques Du Crepuscule, Factory and Factory Benelux. These were originally written for magazines: NME (UK), Record Collector (UK) and Magic (Fr), but reworked for this site.

Then you can glance through what is very likely the most comprehensive Crepuscule discography ever compiled (once described by the NME as "solving the mystery of the Marie Celeste"). There are separate discographies of all Crepuscule's sister- and sub-labels, such as Operation Twilight, Crepuscule Au Japon and Interior Music. A LTM/Boutique discog is also included.

Next are the Factory and Crepuscule Image Banques.

Alan Hempsall's legendary Joy Division interview, from January 1980, can be found here too, and there also is an exclusive, intrigueing article on early Factory Records by Howard Slater, which is both a personal and theoretical attempt to get to grips with his obsessions about Factory's early years. Slater even managed to persuade Karl Marx to review Joy Division's Closer.

Please note that both Les Disques Du Crepuscule and Factory Benelux are operated from LTM Headquarters in the UK.

New and upcoming FBN/TWI/LTM releases

Various Artists - Ghosts Of Christmas Past (TWI 158CD) | 2xCD, out now
Various Artists - Ni d'Ève, Ni d'Adam (TWI 1235CD) | CD, out now
Deux Filles - Space & Time (TWI 1161) | LP, out now
Deux Filles - Space & Time (TWI 1161CD) | CD, out now
Josef K - It's Kinda Funny (The Singles) (TWI 022) | LP, out now
Steven Brown - Music For Film & Theatre (TWI 8722) | 2xCD, out now
Section 25 - Alfresco (FBN 124) | LP+CD, out now
The Names - Names In Mutation (TWI 098CD) | CD, out now
The Durutti Column - LC (FBN 10) | 2xLP+7", out now
Crispy Ambulance - Random Textures + Compulsion (FBN 81CD) | 2xCD, out now

Les Panties - Cold Science (TWI 1227CD) | CD, due out September 5 2016

Further due in 2016: Ludus - Nue Au Soleil (TWI 340CD) 2xCD, Paul Haig - Metamorphosis (TWI 096CD) 2xCD, Crepuscule Au Japon (TWI 400) T-Shirt, Section 25 Back To Wonder T-Shirt.

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II | LABEL DISCOGRAPHIES | for historical reference only*
Les Disques Du Crepuscule - TWI 001 to TWI 777
Les Disques Du Crepuscule - TWI 800 to TWI 1980
Les Disques Du Crepuscule - sublabels, foreign operations and licensees
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Les Disques Du Crepuscule - artists l to z
Les Disques Du Crepuscule - compilations a to z
LTM - incl. Boutique/Les Temps Modernes
Factory Benelux - 2012 and onwards
Les Disques Du Crepuscule - 2013 and onwards

*note: artists who only appear on (a) compilation(s) have no entry in the artists a to z catalogues. please check the compilations catalogue and use the 'search' or 'find' option of your browser.

poster (50cm x70cm) by claude stassart for a concert in brussels, friday october 31 1980, with the durutti column, a certain ratio, section 25 and the names.

Crepuscule Image Banque
Factory Image Banque

Perfect Stylistic Attitude | Peter Saville interviewed by James Nice
Graveyard And Ballroom: A Factory Records Scrapbook | by Howard Slater
A Day Out With Joy Division | by Alan Hempsall
Among The Trumpet Thieves: ACR And Section 25 In Europe | by Larry Cassidy
Stark Beauty Mocked By Parrot | J. Ashford on The Power Of Theatrical Madness

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