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Welcome to Anneke Romenij's website with print art

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Since the early 80's, I have been active in creating art pieces. At first, I mainly worked with drawings and used watercolours, but now I work with many different printing techniques.

In Enschede, I took a three year course in printing techniques in which I learned the basic methods of etching as well as monoprints and lino printing. Later I joined workshops to learn some other skills, including cardboard printing and polymer etching. There have been so many different techniques for me to learn, and there has always been something new to discover and experiment. Cyanotype (blueprint) is a nice additional technique and also kitchen-litho, a litho made with silverfoil and cola is a new challenge! At my cv-contact page a listed the courses I took. Here you can also contact me.


Although the methods are very labour-intensive, I embrace the challenge of connecting the craft of printing techniques with my creative ideas. I am mainly inspired by the diversity of nature and my own photographs, which spark new ideas. I absorb lines, shapes, texture and colour from nature around me and then form an image in my head. I then transfer this image to a design for an etching or other graphics. Because there are many specific steps that I must take, this is not a spontaneous process. One should keep in mind that printing an image will produce its mirror image on the paper.

Printing techniques are my passion; it's a good way to express myself. These techniques that have developed through the centuries enable me to reflect my contemporary ideas.
In my portfolio you can see part of the etchings and linocuts I made. And also some of the ATC"s I made with linocut.


My works are untitled. This encourages the viewer to imagine and interpret the works by themselves. I always work with small (usually 10) editions, often in different colors to make them more unique.