born: November 16, 2007
died: November 4, 2011

Duco, his full name is Conquest Duco, is born November 16, 2007 out of a litter of five, 3 male and 2 female.
The first time I saw him was at the age of 3 weeks. I had first choice and after looking at all the male dogs several times during a couple of weeks I choose him.

He was a fullgrown big male dog who wanted to cuddle and work every day and all day.
He loved to play with Djinji and the two of them competed for being the number 1 dog in the house.
Duco did agility, herding and hunting and wanted to play with all his toys every free moment of the day.

He has been with me to Denmark for herding sheep and we did a lot of things in Holland as well.

When he was 1,5 years old we discover he had a metabolic disease and when he was 3 years old he had epilepsy as well. I tried to give him everything he needed, but we lost the battle against his illness on November 4, 2011.
He enjoyed life every day and tried to do everything he wanted (as far as his illness let him).

I hope he is playing now with all my dogs and other friends at the rainbow bridge, with only fun and joy and no pain and suffering any more.

Duco, I miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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