De onderstaande discografie is niet compleet, omdat sommige opnames niet meer konden worden gevonden of niet meer konden worden herinnerd. De discografie geeft echter wel een goed overzicht van de muzikale projecten waar Gijs in betrokken was.

Gijs Lemmen
A Tribute To The Beat-Town Skifflers1996LMS 036CD (Ltd. ed.)
Tone-Scraper1997LMS 054CD (demo)
Playing The Old Thing1997LMS 057CD
Walking To Sandal Castle1998LMS 075CD (Ltd. ed.)
Acoustic Music Resource1999LMS 081CD R
Twang-Bang-Kerang1999LMS 090CD (Ltd. ed.)
Pioneer2000LMS 096CD R
Salon Beat2001GFC 0101CD (Ltd. ed.)
Guitars Around The World2002GFC 0201CD (Ltd. ed.)
From The Past2002GFC 0202CD (Comp.)
The Acoustic Guitar Styles Of2003GFC 0301CD R
It's Only Natural (met Brian Locking)2004MVD 2004-3CD
Out Of The Blue (met Brian Locking)2005GFC 0501CD (Ltd. ed.)
Plays The Hits Of Chet Atkins2006STAR 45919CD
In Portrait2006OXO Music JT 180806DVD
Live At De Lockhorst2007OXO Music JT 100207DVD
Live At The Theatre 2007 (The GFC Band)2007GFC 0702CD (Ltd. ed.)
Pickers Delight2008GFC 0801CD
Swing Sweet & Smooth (met Brian Locking)2009GFC 0902 / LEO'S DEN (UK)CD
Guitar Greatest 2010 (one track)2010WWSM-2010CD (Comp.)
It's Only Natural -2nd edition- (Brian Locking)2010GFC 1001CD (Ltd. ed.)
Sliedrecht Bandstand 1 & 2 (three tracks)2010GFC 1002 / 1003CD (Comp.)
Guitar Greatest 2011 (one track)2011WWSM-2011CD (Comp.)
Blended2012GFC 1201CD
Vintage Vibrations2013GFC 1301CD

The Tumbleweeds
Homework1979Polydor 2925085LP
Homework1979Polydor 3167085MC
Don't Cry Blue/Homework1979Polydor 2050580Single
The Best Of1980Polydor 2426020LP
The Best Of1980Polydor 3212020MC
Homework1992Polydor 513059-2CD
Homework1992Polydor 513062-2CD

The Dorsley Edition
Lasting Love1981Audio Records AR 101LP
Lonesome Mole/Missing You1983Audio Records 831020Single
Another Edition1983Bluebird Records 830801MC

The Wyko's
You Are My Life/Stringwalk1982Audio Records 820216Single

Franklin D. Brown
When My Nights/Morninglight1982Audio Records 820416Single
When The Sun Shines1983Audio Records 831012Single

Little Friend1983Audio Records 831014Single

Heavenly Dreams1983Audio Records 831011Single

The Candlelight Band
Zilvervloot/Candlelight Song1985Ballad 31051Single

Amice String Trio
Tea For Two1989Ballad 89001MC

Lemmen & Lavooy
Established '961996LMS 027CD (Ltd. ed.)

The Beat-Town Skifflers
Songs From The Past1998LMS 060CD (Ltd. ed.)

Erik Lemmen
A New Day In A Lemon Life1998LMS 072CD (demo)

John Adams
The Wandering Soul (feat. Ilse de Lange)1998Visco 55 1235-2JVCD
Sings John Denver1998Act 98-001CD
Live At The Wakefield Theatre Royal & Opera House (England)(feat. Gill Wales)1998Act 98-002CD