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1 Beginning in Christ
2 Growing in Christ
3 Maturing in Christ
4 Ministering in Christ
5 Hoping in Christ
6 Understandin in Christ
7 United in Christ


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God's Answers for your life


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How valuable are the scriptures to us, God speaks to us by the Holy Spirit through His Word, so that we understand who God is and how He saves us through His only Son Jesus from sin and destruction, Now we can rejoyce for we posses the the promises and the hope for this life and eternity .


God's Answers 2 U

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Why this book on the Internet,
Ministry of Hope came to put this book on the www for reason that it contains a wealth of information and a reasonable quick reference to what men need to know about the christian life and everything is pure scripture, today so many preachers: claiming constant new truth's about the christian life and christian beliefs, "new revelation" often times overturns our biblical view of how the christian life should be lived. Therefore this labour of love is there to help and keep you on the narrow road of biblical truth.

It really helped me, so I hope it will do the same for you.

The book is not meant to replace bible reading, but as a help to discover the bible.

But God's Anwers for your life is a great help to discover various truth's about the Christian Life and the Christian walk, the original Book is written in the late 1900, and was a labour of love that came out of a concern for Christians everywhere. 

God's Answers for your life was developed at J. Countryman Publishers and we acknoledge and appreciation the research, typing and endless editing that was done by Kay Kilgore, Sheila McGill, Oleda Putman and Marsha Countryman. Without their loyal dedication, this book would not have been complete and for this we are deeply grateful.

In 1988 the book was
Published by C and D International
9029 Directors Row Dallas,
Texas 75247

Copyright 1988
By C and D Inernational
Dallas, Texas 75247


God's Answers
order your

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Order Your Copy
for less than 3 Dollars

The book on this site is an Emplified Bible version of the Special Billy Graham Evangelistic Association edition and is published with permission from the Thomas Nelson / J.Countryman
publishing Company.to Ministry of Hope

The book contains 7 chapters and each chapter contains many topics, on the left you'll a link to each of the chapters and down on this page you will find the contents of the book.

Also by entering a chapter, you will find on top of the page all bookmarks for each topic, clicking on the bookmark takes you right to the desired topic, you will be able to navigate trough the whole chapter, without effort.

Further on this page down you will find a complete Content of the book and a link to each chapter.

May the Words that you read be a blessing to you and a road to sanctification

Contents of God's answers for your life
(using the Amplified Bible)

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 1 Beginning in christ

How to know you are born again
How to know the sufficienty of Christ
What the blood of Jesus is to you
What the Holy Spirit is to you
How to abide in Christ
How to build your faith

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 2 Growing in Christ

How to overcome the carnal mind
How to overcome satan
How to recognize evil
How to overcome worldliness
How to deal with lust
How to overcome pride
How to controle the tonque
How to be Christ centered
How to understand the liberty that is in Christ
How to praise the Lord
How to have the Joy of the Lord

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 3 Maturing in Christ

How to handle spiritual trials
How to face serious illness
How to handle suffering
How to survive financial problems
How to handle stress
How to overcome dispair
How to maintain hope
How to enter into His rest
How to be established in trust
What to do when you are facing old age
How to have God's devine protection
How to find contentment

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 4 Ministering in Christ

What is the way to true service
How to have an effective prayer life
How to be an effective witness
How to handle condemnation
What is the leading of the Lord ?
How to wait on God
What is the importance of obedience
How th give to God's work

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 5 Hoping in Christ

How to commit your life to Christ
How to draw nigh to God
How to recover spiritually
How to obtain the promises

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 6 Understanding in Christ

How to understand the personality of God
How to receive understanding
What is the fear of the Lord?
What is the sovereignty of God
How to grasp eternity

arrow.gif (4694 bytes) 7 Uniting in Christ

What is the fellowship of all believers?
What is the hope for revival?
What are the signs of the end?


God Bless!
Ministry of Hope.


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