Sat Apr 3 14:27:29 CEST 2010

format of a hexadecimal listing

A hexadecimal listing is a bunch of lines which contain only characters A thru F and 0 thru 9. The lines are separated by linefeeds but carriage returns are also allowed.
When one decodes these lines to a bytestream one gets the originating file.
If the first line starts with 484D3A the format has a header that starts with 484D3A and ends with 0D0A, this expands to "HM:<original filename>CRLF".

In is a java source that encodes and decodes such listings.

Available listings

  1. heksmeel encoder decoder
  2. heksmeel Java encoder decoder source
  3. juce Java Utility Compare Extension
  4. hacker v1.9 fixed voor FS    Ö