The Elephant Song

by Kamahl

Tell me said the elephant
Tell me brothers if you can
Why all the world is full of creatures
Yet we grow in fear of man
Tell me said the elephant
tell me why this has to be
we have to run from man and hunter
never safe and never free


-People kill without regret
although they fly by jumbo-jet.
Let the word all may remember
let the children not forget.

Gentle is the elephant
Pulling loads and everything
We love to hear the children laughing
when we're in the circus-ring
Happy was the elephant
Happy was his jungle life
and then they came, the cruel hunters
with their rifle and their knives





















Listen, please listen,
said the elephant
if we want the world we know,
to stay alife
Then man and beast,
we must work together
And together we will survive

Listen said the elephant
It is conservation time
So take the warning
when we trumpet
For the future of mankind