The Asians keep on rolling

IIHF World Championship Division IB South Korea - Lithuania 5-0 (2015-04-18)

Team Lithuania played with Mantas Armalis in goal, while the Dutch relied on first netminder Sungje Park.

Right after the opening face off Kisung Kim hooked defenseman Mindaugas Kieras. who crahed into the boarding. The clock had ticked away 16 seconds at that moment. Effective penalty killing by a.o. Wonjun Kim prevented the Baltics from becoming dangerous. At equal strength Lithuania proved more hazardous. Aivaras Bendzius forced a butterfly save by Sungje Kim with his shot. And also Nerijus Alisauskas and Egediujus Bauba were denied by said netminder. The first shot on goal by Team Korea came after 5 (!) minutes. Sanghoon Shin saw his shot put aside by the stick of Armalis. A hooking by Hyung Hun Shin was followed by victim Ugnius Cizas retaliation. So referee Anssi Salonen sent both players to the penalty box. With 4 on 4 and after two minutes 5 on 5 Korea dictated play. But Hyonho Oh, Wonjun Kim and Jin Hui Ahn all were deneid by Armalis or shot wide. Against that firepower the Lithuanians could only record a meagre Egidijus Bauba shot. On a 3 on 1 puck carrier Sanghoon Shin decides to shoot himself. The puck was ably gloved by Armalis. And also Brock Radunske is denied twice by Mantas. A slight altercation at the boarding is honoured by Salonen with minors against Danielius Nomanovas and Sangwook Kim.

In the second stanza Korea rushes on. But for the time being Mantas Armalis is a not to circumvent cliff. Even a point blank shot by Wonjun Kim is not to enter the net. Brilliant teamwork by Brock Radunske and Jin Hui Ahn leads to the 1-0 at 29.28. Ahn found the top right corner with his shot. Soon after Donatas Kumeliauskas was caught in flagrante while boarding Minho Cho. After the powerplay Minho Cho replied to that infraction by scoring for 2-0 (35.49). The Armalis spell was broken. For Sangwook Kim scored the marker for 3-0 (37.44) on the powerplay.

In the final period Lithuania had something to make good for. And they upped their attack vehemently. Egidijus Bauba and Darius Pliskauskas tried their best, but neither scored. Only an occasional attack by the Koreans. But not without danger. However Armalis stood tall against Sanghoon Shin, Brock Radunske and Wonjun Kim. But came the inevitable. A shot from the blueline by Hyeok Kim. A rebound. And Young Jun Lee scored. 4-0 at 52.01. And with first line center Daniel Bogdziul off for interference Brock Radunske set up play for Kisung Kim to score the powerplay goal at 54.03. And Lithuania was down and out.

Defenseman Arturas Visockas was elected best player for Team Lithuania, while Brock Radunske deservedly was bestowed with that honour for the Korean side.