Makrov butchered the Dutch

IIHF World Championship Division IB The Netherlands - Estonia 1-3 (2015-04-19)

The only option for Team Estonia, which had lost all their previuous games, to remain in the Divison 1B was to win in regulation time. For the Dutch a tie in regulation time would suffice. For they had a win over Croatia under their belt. So a very important match. Pity that the arena was only half full. Estonia returned to goaltender Roman Shumikhin, while The netherlands coach Chris Eimers ordered Ian Meierdres to backstop the team. before the match coulld get under way the linesmen had to repair ice holes.

Estonia came out the locker room flying. With their big star Andrei Makrov forcing Meierdres to a stick - and a glove save on his shots. Vassili Titarenko shoot just wide. On a counter a first (meagre) shot on goal by the Dutch. Peter van Biezen's shot was easily gloved by Shumikhin. But after a few minutes - and a stop by Meierdres on a MichaŽl Auksi shot - the Estonian waves of attack were stopped and the Dutch took over. But Kevin Bruijsten's shot went for along and Shumikhin's blocker denied both Nardo Nagtzaam and Maarten Brekelmans. After Peter van Biezen tried ineffectively to score via the five hole the match became more balanced. That is until referee Shane Warschaw ordered Dutch forward Tony Demelinne to the penalty boxfor hooking. Andrei Makrov was allowed three shots on goal. On neither shots the puck hit the net. But then defenseman Erik Tummmers had to join Tony in the sin bin for holding. The penalty killing unit consisted of Steve Mason, Jordy van Oorschot and Diederick Hagemeijer. But then Andrei Makrov received a diagonal pass by Lauri Lahesalu. With a onetimer he scored from left wing. 0-1 after 17.27. Still on the powerplay Andrei Makrov, positioned in the same spot as before, hit a Aleksei Sibirtsev pass home for 0-2 (18.49). The goals were similar like copy/paste. On the counterattack Lauri Lahesalu slashed the stick out of Peter van Biezen's hands. Forward Diederick Hagemeijer acted as defenseman on the point for the powerplay.

Right after the restart a puck hit a leg of defenseman Ilja Urushev. He stumbled to the bench and fell on the ground. Soon after Lahesalu rejoined his team from the penalty box, Andrei Makrov was caught tripping Nick de Jong. But not much of a powerplay. To the contrary, Robert Rooba solo was only a snap away from scoring. Chances for both sides: Ronald Wurm, Vassili Titarenko and Nardo Nagtzaam. But it was Erik Tummers with a shot from the blueline which grazed a body and went into the low left corner of the goal. 1-2 after 28.55. After that several opportunities for both sides. But the most interesting action on the ice was after Robert Rooba collided with a Dutchman. Robert still a bit dizzy picked himself up. He collided heavily with a teammate while skating to the bench. The end of the period saw Estonina third-line forward Kevin Parras shoot just wide.

The Dutch had to get something moving. And they came out flying. Only to be stopped in their tracks. Another ice repair was needed. And at 43.42 both teams got a free Time Out. Nardo nagtzaam hit the side of the net, while Kevin Bruijsten's shot went for along. There had been some forward line hussles by Dutch coach Chris Eimers. Nardo Nagtzaam, replacing Tony Demelinne, centered the line between brothers Kevin Bruijsten and Mitch Bruijsten. Kevin Bruijsten lifted the puck over the plexiglas and was given an delaying the game penalty. When Steve Mason had acted more selfishly he would have had a good scoring opportunity. The Estonian powerplay was not much to speak of. With five seconds into the penalty they managed their first shot on goal. At the blueline Peter van Biezen could only prevent Roman Andrejev from breaking free by tripping his opponent. Makrov forced Meierdres to a fantastic save and Robert Roobas had a golden opportunity, but could not score. But Estonia was to become another powerplay soon. At 53.57 Nick de Jong was caught holding. It is hard to score from the penalty box. In the final minutes The Netherlands stormed all over Estonia. But to no avail. Goalie Meierdres was pulled for an extra attacker. Seconds from vacating the net who else then Andrei Makrov could score? He scored his third marker into the empty net at 59.08 for 1-3. After a few seconds the Dutch again acted without their goaltender. They lost the puck to Vassali Titarenko. His shot was not accurate. A frustrated Dutch captain Diederick Hagemeijer had to serve a slashing call from 59.49. He voiced some unbecoming language and the "reward" was a personal 10 minute penalty. The minor penalty was served by Peter van Biezen. But that is only importatnt for statistics. For Team Estonia prolonged their stay in Division 1B. Although with the same amount of points as The Netherlands, they secured their stay by beating their direct opponent. A bitter pill to swallow for the Dutch to relegate while hosting the tournament.

The IIHF Directorate named both numbers 22 for best player of their team. For Team Estonia thus Andrei Makrov and for Team The Netherlands defenseman Erik Tummers.