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Activities and publications of the Legal Advisory Agency Indonesia

Since, to do business in Indonesia, besides the economic aspects, the legal aspects cannot be overseen, for reason that without legal certainty and proper transparent legal regulations it will be very difficult to perform activities in this field. The L.A.A.I. can be of assistance in this respect.

The activities of the L.A.A.I. come down to the following:

The rendering of advices concerning almost each aspect of the Indonesian law, like a.o. the investment law and related aspects, the agrarian law, immigration law, labour matters, the administration of justice through arbitration, contract law, regional autonomy, general mining, oil and gas affairs, the establishment of a Limited Liability Company (the P.T.), the transfer and encumbrance of immovables and many other matters of the Indonesian law, with the exception, however of the tax law.

As example of the investment law can be mentioned, the numerous advices rendered to enterprises that want to set up a project in Indonesia. This comes down to preparing the documents needed for this purpose and/or adapting these documents to the objective of the potential investor as well as being of assistance during the further development of the project. Within this framework advices rendered concern legally related aspects in different fields, e.g. agrarian law, labour law, manpower, immigration law and the like.

Besides the rendering of advice, the L.A.A.I. also issues two kinds of publications:

The Circular Letters,

issued about 4 times a year, which contain a thorough and extensive explanation concerning a certain legal subject, which can be an issue constituting a topic in Indonesia like the occurring elections, or a newly promulgated legal regulation like Act No. 13 year 2003 concerning manpower, to be considered an overall basic regulation in the field of Manpower.

The Legal Newsletters,

which give a survey of important events in Indonesia, like political, economic, financial issues, regional autonomy, investments and the like, that have taken place during a certain period, usually a month. Said Legal Newsletters can be useful in the form of background-information not only for Indonesian or foreign enterprises in Indonesia but also for enterprises doing business with Indonesia or which are intended to do so.

The director of the L.A.A.I. also visits Indonesia on a regular basis, maintaining relations with different official agencies. There she finds important information, first of all explanation of existing regulations, if necessary, secondly information on new regulations. She also meets different agencies and relations to discuss current problems in Indonesia and to promote the activities of the L.A.A.I.

She also visits several seminars and meetings in the Netherlands to inform the members of relevant issues. The L.A.A.I. has an agreement of cooperation with the Indonesian Netherlands Association (INA), which is the official bilateral Chamber of Commerce between the Netherlands and Indonesia. This means that our publications are also promoted by INA.

Current participants of the L.A.A.I. are besides enterprises, several embassies and universities in the Netherlands as well as in the rest of Europe and in Indonesia and Singapore.





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