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Astrology, the best tool to help you organise your life and fully use your talents and also to make the most of your relationships.

No other science can show character- and relationship- possibilities and problemsolutions as fast as astrology.


The following subjects are dealt with:

introduction - how to contact - consultations how and why
- text outprints - natal text program in Dutch
- transit text program in Dutch - articles
- prices - lessons.

Introduction: The art or science of astrology was developed and used already 4000 years before our era by scientists, physicians, priests. Theen there was a careful registration of the positions of sun and moon, the planets and the stars, and of events happening on earth, thus establishing a very thorough empirical handbook of the movements of the heavenly bodies by themselves and also as related to one another and as related to world events. This way the rules were discovered of what kind of events belonged to what positions of the heavenly bodies.

So above, so below. Is there any explanation for the synchrony of the movements of the heavenly bodies and events on earth? I believe, that above in the heavens as well as below on earth, we experience the same field of forces (be they a magnetic, electric or other, unknown, force) and that this force affects or rules the movements of stars, planets, sun and moon, as also events down on earth, gives a quality to each moment of time. At the time of birth we kind of "suck in" this field of forces and this will be our "software" with which we start our life.

Every-one knows that the position of the sun causes the changes from day to night, from light to darkness, the seasons; that the moon affects the tides of the sea. But there is so much more to know; so much more the stars can tell us. Astrology teaches us the connection between stars or planets and events (past, present and future) and between stars, planets and character up to the finest details, depending on the skill of the astrologer.

It is a misconception to think, that only people with (one or more) problems, either personal, in the workplace or in relationships, should consult an astrologer. They surely should do so. But all others should too. by talking to a qualified and experienced astrologer, even without having any direct problems, we all can learn more about our character tools and how to use them far better, how to make them work together, rather than let them all act individually and independently, sometimes in opposing directions and so we will be better prepared to reach our maximal potential out of life. We can also learn what our possibilities, chances are for the coming years and for what pitfalls we have to prepare; how to improve our relationships.
And what to think of some good astrological advise about economic cycles, about what to expect of financial markets and interest rates, about the best date to register a new company, the best marriage date, etc.? The list of fields where astrology can be of help is endless!

And just to show how well the synastry of astrology works, even on a smaller scale: I opened this website with uranus (the planet of the new, the internet) exactly transiting (coming to the same place as) my natal sun (the indicator of self-expression).

Contact your own experienced astrologer at telephone 0031725153134 or email Hans-Van.Rossum@hetnet.nl for a private interview, either face to face or by telephone or email in one of the following languages: English, German, French or Dutch.

The interview will cover your character in general, a number of subjects, such as relations, profession, future developments etc. and other special subjects you may wish to discuss. You will learn how best to use your capabilities. You also will learn to understand to what extend reactions from others can be changed by changing your own attitude. You will be in a position to better take advantage of your "good" times and to bear with, to react better to (or even to learn from) the more "difficult" times in your life. It will help you to see possibilities for a better approach to life, to your work and your relationships, to jump on board of new things, new possibilities at the right time.

You may also want to get more insight in a relationship. Astrology is an extreemly effective tool for understanding (and thereby improving) the interactions between people. The horoscopes of 2 people (you and someone else) will be compared and show where the planets of each person are placed in the other's horoscope and how the planets of one affect the planets of the other. These pictures will clearly show and explain to you the easier and the more difficult points of the interactions in the relationship and how to use these interactions in the most positive way possible, how to get the best out of it, how to better understand each other's role, how best to try to turn difficult dynamics into positive strengths. I would like to say, that there is no other way, no other science or therapy that gives results so quickly. Explaining a relationship can be done through a personal meeting or by ordering a written report.
While the relationship to be discussed will most of the time be one between 2 partners
, also an astrological report of other relationships, such as between brothers and sisters or business partners etcetera are of great value.

It is understood that all consultations will be fully confidential. And the cost should not stop you; for the price of just one or two meals in a restaurant you get to know yourself and/or your partner!

You may also order a printed out horoscope text of about 12 pages, in the Dutch language, giving you basic information about your character and your possibilities. The text, obviously not as thorough as an interview, will show you where your character tools are not yet working together most effectively, or even working against one another. And will give you pointers how to improve on this, take charge of yourself.

You can also order such text as a present for your friends or their children, if you know their birth particulars..

To see an example of the psychological birth analysis text in Dutch, click here: geboortetekst

The text booklet, while obviously not as extensive and thorough as the personal interview, which in fact is a dialog between you and your astrologer, will still give you a thorough understanding of yourself and your potentials.
You can also order a personal transit text booklet in the Dutch language which enables you to see what influences or events are coming to you the next few months and how to react.

Professional astrologers as well as others will be interested to know that they can order a natal text program in Dutch, to be used with various software programs, for text outprints on the basis of a radix. This "geboortesterren" program will help astrologers to prepare a thorough report for their clients, and the clients can use this program as a kind of astrological "self help".

For an example of this text program based on the horoscope of Donald Trump click here: geboortesterren.

You can also order my "transit text" program in Dutch, to be used with astrological software. This program gives texts for the conjunction, square, triangle and opposition transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto over all native planets, the ascendant and the MC.

To see an example of this transit text program based on the transits of Donald Trump click here: transitsterren.

Lessons(lessen): I wrote consize astrology lessons in various languages for starting astrologers. Click here for a Cours concis d'Astrologie en Francais and click here for a Astrologie Cursus in het Nederlands. and click here for a Consize Astrology Course in English.
Those who want help with the lessons can contact me.
Apart from the consultations and lessons appearing on this website, I offer lessons for groups interested in astrology.

Books A list of recommended astrology books
appears at the end of lesson 3. Aanbevolen boeken.

And for various prices you may click here.

Astrological articles: Already you will find articles on: "Relaties, "Sexuality and astrology, a neglected subject", "How much can an astrologer do for clients?", "The USA presidential elections november 2004 and inauguration january 2005.", "The upcoming transits of Pluto in opposition to the USA Mars", "The sun in the 12th house of Politicians", "The sun/father in the 12th and derivated houses", "Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception", "USA Presidential elections" and "Pluto transits and decisions". I will add more articles to this website regularly. If you want to contribute an article on an Astrological subject, please contact me.
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For (further) information please contact
(in either English, Dutch, French or German)
Astrology "STAR Service",
Hans W. van Rossum,
in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, tel: 072-5153134.
Or by email at: Hans-Van.Rossum@NOSPAMhetnet.nl but delete the word NOSPAM from the address (This way I hopefully avoid automated spam and viruses!).

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