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Part 2.
Contents: 7-The Horoscope picture. 8-The 12 zodiacal signs (extensive).

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7. The horoscope picture.

When I started astrology, one had to do almost everything by hand; nowadays there are many computer programs (free or at various prices) for astrology doing all the calculations instantly and giving you the horoscope picture with the help of a few knobs. Therefore we shall, in these lessons, not spend time on how to calculate and prepare a horoscope picture.
When you look at the horoscope picture, it is as if you look in southern direction, which means that South is on top and East is on the left, the North is at the bottom and West is to the right. The Sun will rise left and set on the right. In the picture you can see on the outside the 12 signs, each exactly 30 degrees; you also see the planets, the ascendant on the left and the descentant on the right, forming the horizon, the MC (Midheaven, the point where the Sun is at 12 noon)at the top and the IC (the point where the sun is at midnight) at the bottom. The various planets are placed within the signs and the house division is shown. There are various house systems, but the Placidus system is mostly used. Some houses are more than 30 degrees, some less. This depends on the place where one is born.
Below the horoscope circle many programs show a table of aspects. For an example of a horoscope picture we refer you to the beginning of lesson 1.

9. The zodiacal signs:

We shall now treat the signs more extensively.
In the popular newspaper astrology column one is an Aries or Taurus, etc, depending on which sign the Sun is in, ignoring that if that would be the only criterium, there would be just 12 types of people, which obviously is not correct, is not the real astrology. The sign the Sun is in certainly is very important, but so is the sign of the ascendant, the Moon, etc., the aspects of the Sun and the other planets and the house placings. The influance of the Sun also is dependant on how strong the Sun is placed. But while it is not the only factor, the sign we find the Sun in does show a lot about the character one wants to be, to become, and so can be well recognised. To what extend one succeeds in one's selfexpression will depend on more factors.
All signs are exactly 30 degrees, so within the circle we have Aries from 0 till 30 degrees, Taurus from 30 till 60 degrees, etc., all together 360 degrees. The Sun or other planets or house cusps cannot be partly one sign partly the previous or following sign; they are one or the other as the partitions between the signs are sharp.
Here follow the signs and their meanings; as mentioned before, the signs are the "how", how the "what" of a planet or the "where" of a house is expressed. It is always a good idea when learning Astrology, to use yourself as a subject. So look at your own sun-sign and see what you recognise.

Aries: looking for its own special identity.
Period of birth 21st march - 21st april. The cross is the Main cross, the element Fire. Of the body Aries represents the Head. The ruler is Mars.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of spring. This is the time to wake up, to be born, the start of the individual, the "I am", the ME, as separate living being. Aries stands for the conscious development of the personality, wants to break through borders, go ahead, test how far he/she can go, full of pressure to act, to pioneer, to initiate. Passionate with courage, impatient, opinionated, impulsive, ambitious and assertive.
Aries is a go-getter, with perseverance, sometimes rash, nagging, egoistic, but also violent, loyal. Aries is honest because acting directly. Aries will listen to him/herself, to what is his/her task, to his/her own impulses and intuitions. That may appear egoistic with his/her need for struggle and being without fetters, but it is all about finding and being one's true self. Aries grows in the heat of combat, of leading the way, of his/her chivalrousness. The naive knight that may get hurt but will start anew, that will start afresh and learns from its bumbs, that continues without taking time to consolidate, leaving that to others.
Aries' power: to live and act according to the own, special identity, honesty, courage.
The weakness: isolation, neglect of its own happyness, tactlessness.

Taurus: looking for value and meaning.
Period of birth 22nd april - 21st mai. Taurus belongs to the Fixed cross; the element is Earth. Of the body Taurus represents the throat, the vocal cords, the neck, the ears. Ruler of this sign is Venus.
This is the time when the initiative of Aries is given form. Where Aries has explored the field and gathered the stones, Taurus will design and build the house. Taurus will give form to matter and controll it. Taurus will create new forms, art, will give form to ideas, enjoy its creations; gets security out of those forms and out of improving those forms, wants contact with the soil, likes to make things grow. Taures depends on and believes in nature. Will persevere, stubborn and tenacious, with endurance, will always take his/her time, is trustworthy, stable, pragmatic and good-natured as long as not being provoked. If he/she wants something, he/she will work on it, practically, to realise it, but without risk and adventure. Taurus is devoted and faithful, possessive, homely, loyal, proud and resentful, jealous, artistic, sensuel and amorous. Taurus works for the long term, is thrifty, patient and careful and likes comfort and its peace, is somewhat lazy and conservative, likes to walk the known road where he/she feels safe, and usually is not all that ambitious.
His/her power: to build with love, being reliable like the earth.
His/her weakness: give in to fear, build with hate, compulsively, only believing in its own truth

Gemini: looking for variety and knowledge.
Period of birth 22nd mai - 21st june. Belongs to the Moveable cross, the element is Air. Parts of the body ruled over by Gemini: lungs, shoulders, arms, hands. Ruler of Gemini is Mercury.
This is the timephase when contact and communication are central. Gemini communicates between people, things, ideas; connects, brings order and analyses, classifies into structures. Gemini wants to know and to become acquainted with, to obtain insight and bring order in the abundance of things that are or can happen. Gemini is fast, changeable, restless, curious, mobile and always thinking, is the supplier of information. Gemini has a wide interest, is talkative, wants to do more things at the same time, is skilful with his/her hands in a practical way. Communicates for the sake of communicating, gesticulating a lot. Emotionally Gemini is free, distant, wants to rationalise, sometimes gossips. Knowing something about many things for Gemini is more important than knowing a lot about just a few things.
Gemini's power: I think therefore I am; mental clearness, the power of reason, the courage and confidence in the own convictions; looking for the mental truth and then passing that on to others.
Gemini's weakness: talking white black or black white with full conviction; the end justifies all mental means.

Cancer: looking for the mother Goddess, the World Goddess.
Period of birth: 22nd june - 23rd july. The cross: Maincross, the element Water. Part of the body: breast, stomach. Ruler of cancer is the Moon.
In the timephase of Cancer the exuberant communication of the Gemini is smothered in feeling. In Cancer experiences are felt, lived through and endured in relation to feelings. Cancer is emotional, warm an vulnerable. Cancer has to protect itself and looks for the safety of its inner self to become clear of its feelings. Within the inner closeness the nature of Cancer is formed. The inner closeness is the own home, the family, tradition, its past, memories and origin. Cancer nurtures and protects others and itself with the emotions that come up. Cancer symphasizes intensely with others, seems to miss protective borders against the suffering of others, collects emotional experiences on which it lives. This sensitiveness makes of Cancer the born attendant full of motherly instincts. Devoted and imaginative but also sentimental, dependent on the opinions of others. Cancer plays different roles, to show or hide its vulnerable side. Cancer is the mother principle that nurtures but also that cannot let go, also the child that needs the mother. The vulnerability leads to a thin skin, to a feeling (often incorrect) of being hurt, of being rejected, and of remembering that a long time. Cancer can grow from experiencing emotions to having feelings.
Casncer's power: emotional insight; creating and preserving of life and creating the right surroundings.
Cancer's weakness: being in the power of changing moods; being posesssive, over-protective, distrustful; fear of the outer world and hiding in its shell; shyness.

Leo: looking for completeness.
Period of birth: 23rd july - 23rd august. The cross is the Fixed cross; the element Fire. Parts of the body ruled by Leo: heart, back. Ruler of Leo is the Sun.
In de timephase of Leo the expression of the own personality is the central theme; with theatrical show to better show the personality. Leo is looking for the own source of power. The ego is at the center; he/she wants to express that royally, dignified, full of self-assuredness, willpower; he/she wants to be magnanimous, self-confident and amiable as the leader. Leo looks for spots where he/she is seen, is noticed. For a quite different reason than Aries he/she wants to be the leader: Leo likes to be the boss, the person who lets his/her subjects do the work. Or to (play)act, to rule fairly and openly. Leo can be great but also pedantic; use or misuse power, trust in him/herself or be open to flattery. He/she likes to do things on a grand scale, full of warmth, passion, courage and righteousness, but thereby wants acknowledgement of his worth and dignity. His/her outer show of selfworth is not necessarely covered by inner self-confidence and to develop this inner self-confidence is essential for Leo.
Leo's power: creativity, energy, love for the whole world; being able to have fun and to play; pride in his/her achievements.
Leo's weakness: just looking for acknowledgements; the pedantic dictator, the playboy

Virgo: looking for meaningful service.
Period of birth: 23rd august - 23rd september. Cross: movable cross; element Earth. Parts of the body it rules: milt, intestines, entrails. Its ruler is Mercury.
Virgo is the phase of critical discernment. The emotions of the Leo phase are to be analysed accurately. Instead of the podium Leo is on, Virgo will step back to a more modest place in the background. The ego is changed into a pragmatic, serving, useful intrument. Virgo works for others, neatly, homely, orderly and soberly. Virgo is methodical, observant and also critical. He/she will know what is going on and use that knowledge. Virgo may be meticulous, looking at the smallest details; the bigger issues may then get lost. Also the body has to be a well-functioning instrument; that's why Virgo is interested in matters of health. The somewhat prudish charm makes Virgo appear a bit unassailable. The practical attitude of Virgo gives the impression that also the emotions are neat, tidy, invisible. Virgo wants to improve on things, sometimes is too perfectionistic and critical both towards him/herself and towards others. Virgo wants to serve, to nurse, is hygienic.
Virgo's power: do what is necessary in a practical and useful way; do its duty towards itself and others, modestly.
Virgo's weakness: self-abnegation; let others abuse him/her; serving others not with the heart but out of a feeling of duty; being critical when that is not necessary.

Libra: looking for the soulmate, for harmony.
Period of birth 23rd september - 23rd oktober. The cross: Maincross, element Air. Parts of the body: kidney, skin, waist. Ruler of Libra is Venus.
Libra expresses the timephase of relating with others; relating on the basis of equality and balance. Libra looks for the equilibrium, the synthesis between opposites, between the male and the female in everything, between the me and the other. He/she measures the values of acting socially following his/her objective moral convictions, which starts from equality and justice. Libra thus is continuously confronted by the chaos of the real world. Libra grows by continuously working for the establishment and development of social harmony. Usually full of tact, diplomacy, refinement, politeness; accomodating, sympathetic listening, concerned, weighing all sides, civilised, reasonable, reconciling, working together and stategic. Also Libra is distant, looks for pleasant surroundings and atmosphere for him/herself and partners. His/her love is based upon romance and companionship, should not be limiting, is almost an art. Being subjected to harmony, Libra may appear light-hearted, always willing to compromise, by seeing value in all points of view. Libra may go down into fake-harmony, in wanting to seduce, in vainness and lazyness, can make the own needs subordinate, can act to please others or do what he/she thinks others expect from him/her, thus loosing him/herself' and becoming alienated from his/her true self. The "me" is not strongly developped, unless the feeling of justice is injured. But the stronger the me, the stronger the ability to create harmony.
Libra's power: creatively relating with the world, people, circumstances; ; warm, understanding and tactfull, love with room for each, for everything in life.
Libra's weakness: vainness; relating with force; loss of selfrespect.

Scorpio: looking for transformation.
Period of birth 23rd oktober - 23rd november. The cross: Fixed; the element: Water. Ruler: Pluto (old ruler Mars).
In the timephase of Scorpio the harmony of relating has to give place to the experience of deeper feelings hidden inderneath. Scorpio submits to these feelings and transforms them. The unconscious, the deepest layers will have to be uncovered. Scorpio is feeling intensely, has a strong will and strong emotional wishes and fights with the power of the emotions. The emotional involvement with others can result in jealousy and possessiveness. Scorpio will go to the limit, from crisis to crisis, to get to the essence of the own vulnerability. He/she is so vulnerable about his/her feelings, that these feelings can be totally controlled for the outside world and show the world a cool, controlled person. Emotional experiences will not easely be forgotten; the positive ones can give great loyalty; the negative ones can give feelings of hatred and revenge. The delving into its deepest feelings make Scorpio a sensitive instrument for also looking deeper into other people and all kind of events, even close to indiscretion and distrust. It is difficult to hide things from a Scorpio. The inner feelings include sexuality, to find out about it and about surrender and about sharing of values and money, of wanting to meet each other and influence each other at essential, deep levels. Confronting the vulnerable at the same time incites fear for the unknown, a need for selfcontroll and controll over others which again may cause powerstruggles and manipulation. Only when Scorpio accepts his/her total personality, the energy is freed to serve others as a guide into life. For Scorpio happiness is not a purpose of life, but will come of its own, when the time is there, as a result of a whole, a complete life-style.
Scorpio's power: transformation, improvement, evolution; belief in the power of the soul; cutting off the weak parts; rewarding power, not giving in to pity; a deep knowledge of what is good for him/herself and others.
Scorpio's weakness: ego´sm and possessiveness; manipulation; cruelty; a tendency for unhappyness.

Sagittarius: looking for knowledge and wisdom.
Period of birth 23rd november - 23rd december. The Movable cross; the element Fire. Parts of the body ruled by Sagittarius: hips, thights, liver. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter.
In the timephase of Sagittarius the gained insights will come to the foreground; Sagittarius is looking for the significant connections, the synthesis of insights about life. Sagittarius wants to expand, wants to see what is behind the horizon, the next mountain. He/she has idealistic views about the future, is looking for spiritual inspiration on his/her voyage of discovery, is always moving to other countries/other subjects, free and unfettered, and grows studying, travelling, experiencing. Sagittarius can and will share his/her enthusiasm with others, will be a servant of his/her convictions and exchange opinions openly, trying to find a widening connection in which the separate factors of life can be placed meaningfully. Sagittarius is trying to find the truth but also can elevate his/her "truth" to the only truth there is and proclaim it pompously and fanatically, force it upon others. By nature broadminded he/she can then condemn other's opinions. Teaching is a second nature, spreading his/her ideas. Sagittarius is sportsmanlike and loves nature and the outside. He/she uses his/her experience to find new goals. Usually realising that other truths and points of view have their merits too, this gives room to find the universal laws which he/she is after.
Sagittarius' power: acceptance of the universum, of what comes his/her way; great energy, finding its roots in an inherent belief in the world, humanity and him/herself; broadmindedness; moving, developping.
Sagittarius' weakness: moving around in circles; being without purpose, superficial, unconcentrated, gullible; sqander his/her own power; wanting to try everything but not finishing anything.

Capricorn: looking for the perfectly organised society.
Period of birth 22nd december - 21st january. The cross: Cardinal; element Earth. Parts of the body: knees, the bony system, the skin. Its ruler is Saturn.
The sign Capricorn is the timephase of social intergration. Conscience needs to develop into an independant unit in society, through working in that society, assume responsibility and by contributing to society. Capricorn wants to advance to a responsible position where he can lead socially, slowly moving forward to attain controll over his/herself and over society. Capricorn brings structure, order and discipline by way of just rules, laws, duties, using his/her qualities like thrift, working hard, endurance and caution. In a pragmatic way Capricorn works towards a position of influence in order to leave his/her hallmark upon the social system, perfecting it. Emotions will be subordinated to this goal and therefore will only be shown with reserve and difficulty, reason why Capricorn appears cool, distant and lonely on a personal level. Capricorn is somewhat melancholic and reserved, but also proud and inflexible, follows its lonely road till the end, consolidating the work that is done in order to perfect it. The search for perfection may lead to fixation and dogmatism, to sticking to tradition; too much sticking to system and rules may cause opposition.
Capricorn's power: believe in equality as a right; pragmatism; leadership without going after personal reward; humility and respect; responsible ambition.
Capricorn's weakness: selfish greed and lust for power; the goal justifies the means; slowness and pessimism.

Aquarius: looking for an ideal society.
Period of birth 21st january - 18/19th february. The cross: Fixed; the element Air. Parts of the body: calf, shin, ankles. Its ruler: Uranus (old ruler Saturn).
Aquarius is the timephase of individualisation in society. With Aquarius, "to be" takes the form of "to be in society". Aquarius looks for improvements of society, for those equal-minded to work together to renew society and to break away with old forms. Aquarius thinks in terms of equality, liberty, fraternity, is not bound by borders. Aquarius is impersonal, works for the ideal future, is an unfettered thinker, free from personal emotions and interests. Feeling for Aquarius is something strangely remote and may embarras him/her and make him/her insecure. Therefore he/she is most at home in relationships on the basis of comradeship and freedom. Aquarius wants to exchange thoughts and ideas about community values. Aquarius is willing to help people in his/her own free, unconventional, exentric, variable, inventive, progressive, friendly and humane way. Aquarius is interested in everything human, has brilliant visions that may not always be practical, is tenacious to his/her ideas. A reformer, revolutionary, closet scholar, defender of individual freedom, but also the rebel, that does not want to move from his/her ideas and that may rebel for rebelling's sake and may want to limit the freedom of others by forcing his/her ideas of humaneness and freedom upon them.
Aquarius' power: unlimited love for freedom and honest treatment by and for everyone; believe in human nature; innovative thinking; alertness.
Aquarius' weakness: striving for own freedom; egoism; "everything goes for me"; parasite.

Pisces: looking for being one with the universe.
Period of birth 19/20th february - 22nd march. The cross: Movable; element: Water. Parts of the body it rules: lymphatic system, feet. Rulers: Neptune (old ruler Jupiter).
After universal Aquarius we arrive at Pisces, the timephase of the great cosmic whole. Pisces wants to go beyond the borders of the "I" and become part of the larger whole, from which it came, the experience of being one with all. Pisces wants to serve that whole, but can also end up in chaos and in escaping from reality. The ego dissolves, gets to its essence by knowing, feeling what others feel, live through. The high sensitivity of this sign gives it something of the medium, something mystic, devotion to an ideal. Pisces is very sensitive for moods and sphere and therefore is influensable and takes over moods and ideas from others easily and so may adopt form and thoughts of its surroundings. Pisces is receptive to inspiration and thanks to its great imagination also creative. Spirituality goes well with the core of Pisces, as this sign has left behind the world of form, ambition, the material world. Pisces also feels at home in the field of assisting and helping others, full of compassion, as also in the field of the arts, where imagination can take form. But also Pisces can go down in the phantasy-world of TV and drugs. The struggle is to find itself in the whole, without losing the self, to distinguish between good and evil.
Pisces' power: insight, comprehension, compassion, inspiration, dedication, healing sympathy.
Pisces' weakness: surrender to negative influences, let everything come in, let themselves being abused.

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