Remarkable persons

Every family will have it's 'remarkable persons', or people with a story to tell. Some of these stories are positive, some negative. A good researcher should try and uncover these stories. These are the ones I encountered:

Andreas Houben (aka father Charles) was canonized.

Willem Hillebrant received the 'Military Williams Order', knight 4th class, after the Belgian campaign of 1831.

Johannes Hubertus Sons (a.k.a. Johan Hellenbrand) was deported after the german razzia in Putten on 1 and 2 oktober 1944.

Herman Hellenbrand and Petronella Couvée received the 'Righteous among the Nations'- or Yad Vashem-medal.

Hendrik Joseph Hellenbrand's military career ended in front of a court-martial.

Hubert Hillenbrand, Hans Janssen and Leo Hellebrand died on the eastern front during WWII.

Jo Budie (Boer Voorthuizen) was an orchestra leader for radio and TV.

Henny Budie was TV-director.