Louis Couperusplein developed by H.G. Hilders [1937]

In 1917, Hendricus Gerardus Hilders (1895 -1959) started a financial administration services business in The Hague. The business expanded into insurance and real estate agency, and on 1938 “Makelaarskantoor Hilders” was formally established and located at the prestigious address Bezuidenhout 5 in The Hague.

Bezuidenhout 5: Makelaarskantoor Hilders 1938

Peter Hilders sr. (chairman - born 1937) joined the family business in 1957 and was sworn in as a publicly registered NVM real estate agent in 1960. Peter Hilders continued the real estate agency business independently as “Makelaarskantoor Peter Hilders”.

Makelaarskantoor Peter Hilders 1960

In the 1970s, the main business focus shifted towards real estate development which activities were formally separated into Ambog B.V. in 1972. Over the years, the Ambog Group has successfully completed many high quality real estate developments in the Hague and the surrounding region.

Bezuidenhout development 1980

Hans Hilders (Managing Director – born 1967) joined the Ambog Group in 2005, and activities have expanded into property management and specialised real estate advisory.

Peter Hilders jr. (CFO / Counsel - born 1963) joined the Ambog Group 2012, and introduced new activities in financial advisory and restructuring.