About us:

Imperium Nova is a netlabel that releases electronica and dance music. Most of our releases are available for free, so check out some of the links to the right to hear and download our music.

The label was founded by Bart "Nova" Bakker in 2007 in order to release his musical endeavours online. The earliest releases appeared on in that year, and are still available there. Despite this, the iNova catalogue starts counting from the first official release, namely Bart Nova's 2010 compilation-album (Re)Collected Works.

As of May 2015, the label has released over 10 albums/singles/EPs by a variety of artists and projects, including works by founding member Bart Nova, as well as iNova-members Alex Kontra and Alien Kontenaaier, among others.

This page probably won't be updated that often, so for the latest info on our activities, please check Bart Nova's Facebook-page.

Main artists/projects:
Bart Nova, Alien Kontenaaier, Alex Kontra, Phrakta

Artists we have worked with, or remixed:
RoughSketch (JPN), SGX (USA), The Day After The Last Crime (GER),
Xyloblast (aka Casketcrusher) (NLD), Corroded Master (USA),
DJ RX (FIN), Distorted Robocops (RUS)

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