Holmland Owl's  Amana


Amana is a very gentle, soft natured puppy. She is usually calm and sweet and very cuddly. She doesnít get into trouble very often and will probably be a wonderfull pet. She has the most beautiful ridge of them all, and a few white toes on her backlegs. She has the same lovely colour as her sister Kiku and a compact body. She will have to share her mum and dad, Violetta and Marco, with two playfull cats and a horse!


Amana 4 weeks old ! 


4 weeks old.
I have such a beautiful ridge !


5 weeks old


at the beach with her family, 6 months old.


when Amana turned 1 year old, she got a little playmate, our new puppie Baluka (call-name Buni)




1 year old and she already nows her place; in a comfortable chair! ;-)


we celebrated the pups first birthday at the same zoo we took them when they were 12 weeks old!