Holmland Owl's  Binti


Binti is a lucky girl, because she gets to stay with her mother! Kana is going back to live with her co-owners Erwin and Monique, and she is taking this very sweet girl with her! Like Amana, Binti has a soft, gentle temperament. She likes to play, but is also very much a lap-dog. She loves to cuddle and be kissed, and she is certainly going to get a lot of that with her new family. She will also have lots of playmates; Tembo, Rocky and Musti are waiting to meet her! Her body structure is a lot like Anka’s; a slightly longer back, a long tail and a wonderful, feminine head. She is red wheaten, has a small white spot on her chest and her ridge is correct.


Binti 4 weeks old ! 


Isn't she gorgeous !? 



And very well build ! 


5 1/2 weeks old






we celebrated the pups first birthday at the same zoo we took them when they were 12 weeks old!